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Mountwest Community and Technical College or also known as MCTC, is the name of a public community college serving the metropolitan Huntington, West Virginia area in the United States. It is one of ten regional community colleges in the West Virginia Community and Technical College System.

The institution evolved from community college programs of Marshall University. In 2008, the state decided that community colleges and state colleges should be separated into different institutions, and the constituent college was "divorced" from the university. Under an agreement between the two schools, MCTC was permitted to use its original Marshall Community and Technical College name until 2011, at which time it must adopt a new name that does not use the Marshall trademark. The new Mountwest name was announced in November 2009.[1]

In 2012, the school stopped leasing space at Marshall and purchased a former office building from Ashland Incorporated.

Academically the college offers several associate degree programs including several career courses in maritime through its Inland Waterways Academy.[2]


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