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Highest point
Elevation1,806 m (5,925 ft) [1]
LocationNorthwestern Greece, southern Albania

Mourgana (Greek: Μουργκάνα or Όρη Τσαμαντά - Ori Tsamanta, Albanian: Maja e Murganës) is a mountain range in northwestern Greece and southern Albania. Its highest elevation is 1,806 m.[1] It is drained by tributaries of the river Thyamis towards the south by tributaries of the river Drinos towards the north and by the small river Pavllë to the west. There are forests in the lower areas of the mountain and grasslands in the higher elevations. The nearest villages are Tsamantas and Vavouri on the Greek side and Sotirë on the Albanian side.

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Coordinates: 39°47′02″N 20°22′59″E / 39.784°N 20.383°E / 39.784; 20.383