Mouseman Cloud

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Mouseman Cloud
Studio album by
ReleasedApril 3, 2012
GenreIndie rock
LabelGuided by Voices Inc. (US)
Fire (UK)
ProducerTodd Tobias
Robert Pollard chronology
Lord of the Birdcage
Mouseman Cloud
Jack Sells the Cow

Mouseman Cloud is the 17th full-length solo studio album released by singer-songwriter Robert Pollard since 1996.[1]

Track listing[1][edit]

  1. "Obvious #1"
  2. "Picnic Drums"
  3. "Mouseman Cloud"
  4. "Dr. Time"
  5. "Lizard Ladder"
  6. "Human Zoo"
  7. "Bats Flew Up"
  8. "Mother's Milk and Magnets"
  9. "Continue to Break"
  10. "I Was Silence"
  11. "Smacks of Euphoria"
  12. "Science Magazine"
  13. "No Tools"
  14. "Aspirin Moon"
  15. "Half-Strained"
  16. "Zen Mother Hen"
  17. "Chief Meteorologist"