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Mousouroi is located in Greece
Location within the regional unit
DE Mousouron.svg
Coordinates: 35°27′N 23°55′E / 35.450°N 23.917°E / 35.450; 23.917Coordinates: 35°27′N 23°55′E / 35.450°N 23.917°E / 35.450; 23.917
Country Greece
Administrative region Crete
Regional unit Chania
Municipality Platanias
 • Total 191.744 km2 (74.033 sq mi)
Population (2011)[1]
 • Municipal unit 4,026
Time zone UTC+2 (EET)
 • Summer (DST) UTC+3 (EEST)
Postal code 730 05
Area code(s) 28210
Vehicle registration ΧΝ, XB
Website Mousouroi Website

Mousouroi (Greek: Μουσούροι) is a former municipality in the Chania regional unit, Crete, Greece. Since the 2011 local government reform it is part of the municipality Platanias, of which it is a municipal unit.[2] The municipal unit has an area of 191.744 km2 (74.033 sq mi).[3] It was part of the former Kydonia Province. The municipal unit extends from the hinterland of the town of Chania to the mountains of south Crete. Many tourists pass through Mousouroi on their way to Omalos and the start of the Samaria Gorge walk, which is in Mousouroi. Mousouroi is bordered by Voukolies in the southwest, Platanias in the northwest, Theriso to the east and East Selino in the southwest with Sfakia in the southeast.

The municipal unit includes;

  • Alikianos: Population 825, Area: 5,302km2. The administrative centre, in the northeast [4]
  • Koufos: Population: 149, Area: 3,369km2. Just north of Alikianos [5]
  • Psathogiannos: Population: 159, Area: 3,599km2. Northwest. [6]
  • Fournes: Population: 576, Area: 9,804km2. South of Alikianos, on the road to Omalos. [7]
  • Skines: Population: 621, Area: 8,228km2. South of Alikianos, on the road to Sougia. [8]
  • Sebronas (Sempronas, Σέμπρωνας): Population: 92, Area: 14,331km2. West of the Sougia road, south of Prases[9] [10]
  • Prases: Population: 138, Area: 27,511km2. South of Alikianos on the Sougia road, before the Omalos turn off[11] [12]
  • Orthouni: Population: 94, Area: 20,634km2. South of Alikianos between the Omalos and Sougia roads[13] [14]
  • Meskla: Population: 353, Area: 22,435km2. Eastern Mousouroi, southeast of Alikianos, northeast of Omalos, east of the Omalos road [15] [16]
  • Lakkoi: Population: 270, Area: 55,573km2. South of Alikianos on the road to Omalos, south of Fournes[17] [18]
  • Karanos (Καράνος): Population: 88, Area: 5,777km2. South of Alikianos between Skines and Lakki, north of the Omalos road on a windy mountainous road joining the latter to the Sougia road[19] [20]
  • Vatolakos: Population: 661, Area: 15,181km2. West of Alikianos, on the road to Skonizo[21] [22]

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