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Mousteroid was a culture occurring during the period 80,000 - 50,000 B.P. of Central,South and East Africa. Examples of this culture are the tool-industry of the Middle Paleolithic in West Africa,[1] [2] known from sites at Zenebi, Nigeria [3] and Tiemassas in Senegal.[4] [5]

Dakar and Rufisque[edit]

The most important of the Western Senegal sites is Pte. de Fann in Dakar.[6] Classified Mousteroid, indicating similarities to industry Mousterian in form but neither akin to, nor at a temporal parallel. Other sites about Dakar and Rufisque, were part of a culture that had not occurred for sufficient duration for tools to be found at differing depths in the ground (without stratification)[7]


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