List of movable Western Christian observances

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This is a list of movable observances within Western Christianity. It includes secular observances which are calculated by religious observances.

This list does not necessarily imply either official status nor general observance.

Movable Christian observances, 2018[edit]


First Monday: January 1

First Sunday of the year, unless the Sunday falls on January 1, 6, or 7, then January 2: January 2

Sunday following January 6: January 7

Monday after January 6: January 8

Third Sunday: January 21

9th Sunday before Easter: January 28


Second Sunday before Ash Wednesday: February 4

Last Thursday before Lent: February 8

Saturday before Ash Wednesday: February 10

Sunday before Ash Wednesday: February 11

Monday before Ash Wednesday: February 12

Tuesday before Ash Wednesday: February 13

46 days before Easter: February 14

Friday after Ash Wednesday: February 15

First Sunday of Lent: February 18


Fourth Sunday of Lent, 21 days before Easter Sunday: March 11[edit]

Firth Sunday of Lent: March 18[edit]

  • Passion Sunday: March 18 (no longer officially celebrated by Roman Catholic church, still celebrated by other denominations)

March 19th, unless the 19th is a Sunday, then March 20: March 19[edit]

Week before Easter: March 25-31[edit]


Easter Week[edit]

Sunday after Easter: April 8

Second Friday of April: April 13

Sunday after Divine Mercy Sunday: April 15

Sunday before Earth Day (April 22): April 15

Monday and Tuesday in the week following the Third Sunday of Easter: April 16–17

Fourth Sunday after Easter: April 22'

Fourth Friday after Easter: April 27

Fourth Sunday after Easter: April 29


Sunday preceding the Rogation days: May 6

Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday preceding Ascension Thursday: May May 7–9

39 days after Easter: May 10

Third Sunday of May: May 20

Seventh Sunday/49 days after Easter


First Thursday after Corpus Christi: June 7

19 days after Pentecost: June 8

Sunday nearest to June 29: June 24

Second Sunday in July: July 9

Last Sunday in July: July 29


Thursday following the first Sunday: September 6

Weekend after first Monday: September 8–10

First Sunday after September 4: September 9

Third Sunday: September 16

Monday after third Sunday: September 17

Saturday closest to September 23: September 22


First Sunday: October 7

Second Sunday: October 14

Last Sunday: October 26


Second Sunday before Advent: November 18

Second Wednesday before the First Sunday in Advent: November 21

Last Sunday before First Advent Sunday: November 25


Fourth Sunday before Christmas Day: December 2

Seven days, starting on First Monday: December 3-9

First Friday: December 7

Sunday two weeks before Christmas: December 16

Winter Solstice: December 21

Second-final Sunday before Christmas Day: December 23

Thursday before Christmas: December 27

Last Friday before Christmas: December 28

Last Saturday before Christmas: December 29

Sunday before Christmas: December 30

The Sunday between Christmas Day and New Year's Day (both exclusive), or if both Christmas Day and the Solemnity of Mary, Mother of God are Sundays: December 30

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