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Movement Research

Movement Research is a non-profit organization that offers dance classes, workshops, residencies and performance opportunities for artists in New York City. Its focus is on improvisation, post-modern dance, and experimentation.[1] It was founded in 1978 under the name “The School for Movement Research & Construction” and incorporated in 1980 after its first public performance in 1979. Movement Research organizes performances at the Judson Memorial Church among other locations around New York City. It has a long tie with Judson Church and Judson Dance Theater which shares some of the same base of artists.[2] In Spring 2018, Movement Research announced they will be occupying 3 spaces in the newly renovated 122 Community Center, making 122CC Movement Research's first permanent home in their 40 year history.


Among Movement Research's initiatives are a weekly dance practice at Judson Memorial Church, Open Performance, an open discussion moderated by a Movement Research Artist-in-Residence, Studies Project, a curated series of panels, and performances focused on a variety of issues, and the two-week Movement Research Festival that explores contemporary dance and the issues around it.[3][4] They also host a series of low-cost classes led by dance artists;[5] an artist in residence program known by the name AIR; and MRX, a traveling artist in residence program.


Movement Research has two publications: Performance Journal[6], a printed piece that focuses on current issues in performance; and Critical Correspondence, a web-based publication that includes interviews, experimental and scholarly writing, podcasts and video projects. "Critical Correspondence" [7] is currently edited by Amelia Bande and Tess Dworman.

Past participating dancers[edit]

Among dancers previously associated with Movement Research are: Trisha Brown, David Gordon, Ishmael Houston-Jones, Mårten Spångberg, Jennifer Monson, Mary Overlie, Zeena Parkins, Jennifer Lacey, Sarah Michelson, Will Rawls, Miguel Gutierrez, DD Dorvillier, and Simone Forti.[8][9][10]


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