Movement for the Autonomy of Kabylie

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Movement for Self-Determination of Kabylie

French: Mouvement pour l’autodétermination de la Kabylie
Kabyle: Afraniman i Tmurt n Iqbayliyen
LeaderFerhat Mehenni
Founded30 June 2001
IdeologyKabyle Nationalism,
Berberism, secularism
Party flag

The Movement for the self-determination of Kabylie (MAK; Kabyle: Afraniman i Tmurt n Yeqbayliyen; French: Mouvement pour l'autonomie de la Kabylie) is a non-violent nationalist mouvement Kabyle political organization seeking self-government rule for the province of Kabylie in Algeria. It was founded by the kabyle berberist singer Ferhat Mehenni, now President of The Provisional Government of Kabylie in exile, after the "Black Spring" disturbances in 2001.

MAK claims to speak for the minority Kabyle people who claims frustration by the efforts of the Algerian government to assimilate the remaining minorities into the Arabized Berber and Arabs Of The Central Maghreb majority. The immediate goal of MAK is the regional self-determination for the province of Kabylie, which according to Mehenni could be the "first step towards an Amazigh North african State".

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