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This article is about the magazine. For the software, see Windows Movie Maker.
Editor Timothy Rhys
Categories film entertainment
Frequency Monthly
First issue 1993
Company MovieMaker Media, LLC
Country United States
Language English

MovieMaker is an American magazine focused on the art and business of making movies with a special emphasis on independent film.

Founded by Timothy Rhys in 1993 as a small regional publication based in Seattle, the magazine now has a bi-monthly international quarterly distribution of 54,000, a readership of more than 197,000 and a direct subscribership of more than 14,000, operating out of Los Angeles and Portland. The magazine's website receives more than one million unique visitors and generates over 109 million advertising impressions each year. The magazine ran a long-running companion newsletter titled Hands-on-Pages, and creates a weekly newsletter e-mailed to more than 365,000 subscribers every month.

MovieMaker‍ '​s core readership consists of all levels of working moviemakers; editorial content reports from the independent, digital and studio sectors.

Feature article topics include moviemaking techniques and "how to", trends, technology and new product updates. Content is directed at the audience as well as the artist through discussion of contemporary independent and studio films and classic cinema.

In January 2013, the MovieMaker Web site was relaunched with a new design and new features such as embedded video, greater interactivity and more frequent news updates.

Scene Unseen Movie Reviews[edit]

On December 1, 2007, Scene Unseen Movie Reviews with Chris and Jimmy announced a partnership with MovieMaker magazine. Every week, the hosts would mention the magazine on their podcast, as well as website promotional banners. In conjunction, an article about the duo appeared in the Winter 2008 issue of the magazine.

Jason Mann wrote, "Scene Unseen, the podcast which pits co-hosts Chris Browne and Jimmy Skodras against each other to discuss both recent and classic films, sounds just like me and my friends arguing the merits of particular movies. Except it's funny. And enlightening."[attribution needed]


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