Movie Magic Screenwriter

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Movie Magic Screenwriter
Word Processor/Formatter for screenplays, television, stage et al.
Developer(s) Write Brothers, Inc.
Stable release
6.0 (PC); 6.0 (MAC)
Platform Windows; Mac
Type Screenwriting software

Movie Magic Screenwriter is a word processing program sold by Write Brothers to format screenplays, teleplays and novels.


Stephen Greenfield and Chris Huntley created Scriptor, one of the earliest screenplay writing programs, that worked by converting word documents into screenplay style.[1] The program's importance was highlighted by an Academy Award for technical achievement in 1994.[1] Scriptor later purchased ScriptThing, another screenwriting program, which was combined into Movie Magic Screenwriter.[1] The program is considered an industry standard, along with Final Draft.[1]

The Mac version of Screenwriter won a Macworld Editor's Choice Award for the year 2000.[2]

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