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Movie Mania was a 24-hour movie network that catered to fans of the B-Movie genre and was targeted at a male audience. It limited to a small number of cable companies, as well as being available via the C-Band 4DTV system, (Galaxy 23, VCN 800). The channel was organized into smooth eight-hour blocks, so the same movie was generally shown three times per day.

Genres shown on the channel were Premier Theatre, Action Theatre, Comedy Corner, Horror Feature, Classic Cinema and M2 Movie as well as M2 Specials. Movies ranged from the well-known, (ex. Night of the Living Dead), to cult films (ex. Santa Claus Conquers the Martians) to new movies.[1]

Current Status[edit]

As of June 2007, the network has apparently gone off the air, and the web site is also gone.[2]