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MRQE - The Movie Review Query Engine
Type of site
Aggregator of movie reviews
Created by Stewart M. Clamen
Alexa rank Negative increase 66,869 (April 2014)[1]
Commercial Yes
Launched 1993

The Movie Review Query Engine also known as MRQE, is an online index of movie reviews. Registered users are able to access movie-specific forums and provide their own reviews. The site aggregates reviews, news, interviews, and other material associated to specific movies. The site also provides a searchable index of all new film releases and DVD reviews.[2]

Since 1993, its database and search engine have been continuously upgraded by Stewart Clamen.[3] MRQE's database of movies includes classic and modern films, foreign and domestic films, major releases and independent films.[4] MRQE also provides information for movies in theaters, movies out on DVD/Blu-ray; plus movies shown on AMC, Turner Classic Movies (TCM), and Independent Film Channel (IFC) channels. Through its partnership with the New York business development and investment firm Loft Group,[5] and with movie blogs, their content is collected in the MRQE database and made available for search by any user.[6]


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