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For the 1970s U.S. series, see Movin' On (TV series).
Moving On
Genre Drama
Created by Jimmy McGovern
Written by Various
Starring Various
Composer(s) Steve Wright
Country of origin United Kingdom
Original language(s) English
No. of series 7
No. of episodes 40 (list of episodes)
Executive producer(s) Jimmy McGovern
Colin McKeown
Liam Keelan
Damian Kavanagh
Producer(s) Colin McKeown
Donna Molloy
Location(s) Liverpool
Camera setup Single-camera
Running time 45 minutes
Production company(s) LA Productions
Original network BBC One
Picture format 16:9
Original release 18 May 2009 (2009-05-18) – present
Related shows Secrets and Words (2012)
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Moving On is a British television anthology series created by Jimmy McGovern, which consists of standalone contemporary dramas first shown during the daytime on BBC One. The first episode, entitled "The Rain Has Stopped", aired on 18 May 2009. Since, a total of forty episodes have been broadcast across seven series. An eighth series has since been confirmed on Twitter[1] with filming set to begin in July 2016.


The series was created by well-known screenwriter Jimmy McGovern, famous for his works on series such as Cracker and The Lakes, however was notable for being the first time McGovern had delved into the world of daytime drama. Five episodes were commissioned for the first series. Guest stars in this series include Sheila Hancock, Lesley Sharp, Richard Armitage, Dervla Kirwan and Ian Hart.[2] Although originally broadcast in an early-afternoon slot from 18 to 22 May 2009, less than a month after their initial airing, the series was repeated to an evening audience, scheduled for 10:35pm on Sundays.[3] The reception was good enough for a second series to be commissioned. This series was extended to ten episodes, and was broadcast from 1 to 12 November 2010.[4]

A third series was subsequently commissioned and confirmed for broadcast in the Autumn of 2011. Guest stars in this season include Reece Dinsdale, Christine Bottomley, Dean Lennox Kelly, Paul Usher and Eva Pope.[5] This series consisted of five episodes, with filming beginning in January 2011. The series was broadcast from 14 to 18 November 2011. A fourth series aired slightly later than expected, beginning on 28 January 2013. This series was filmed during the summer of 2012. A fifth series began just a few months later on 11 November 2013, however all five episodes were previously released for broadcast on the BBC iPlayer from 8 November, becoming the first BBC television drama series to do this.[6] Two further series were subsequently commissioned, broadcast in November 2014 and February 2016 respectively, and an eighth series is set to commence filming in July 2016.[7]


Series 1 (2009)[edit]

Episode Title Director Writer Original airdate
1 "The Rain Has Stopped" Gary Williams Karen Brown 18 May 2009
A lonely widow who decides to marry her holiday romance finds herself being ostracized by her children and outcast by neighbours. However, it's not until her fiancé to be disappears do her friends and family realize how much she loves him.
Starring Sheila Hancock, Emma Lowndes, Paul Fox, Danny Seward and Bhasker Patel
2 "Bully" Gary Williams Marc Pye 19 May 2009
An angry father whose son is being bulled at school advises him to start fighting back. However, after verbally abusing his next door neighbour, the boy disappears, and two families at war are forced to unite in an attempt to track him down.
Starring Mark Womack, Lee Boardman, Julia Ford and Claire Keelan
3 "Drowning Not Waving" Gary Williams Sarah Deane 20 May 2009
A young single woman is forced to sell her house to pay off her increasing debts, but is surprised when an old school friend offers to buy the house and keep her on as tenant. However, she later discovers her old friend has a secret sideline in drug dealing.
Starring Christine Tremarco, Richard Armitage, Jo-Anne Knowles and Sharon Duce
4 "Dress to Impress" Illy James Arthur Ellison 21 May 2009
A young boy is forced to reveal his true sexual identity after his father believes that sexy lingerie found in the cupboard belongs to his wife - and that she may be having an affair. But will the boy's revelation re-unite his parents?
Starring Ian Hart, Dervla Kirwan, Jack McMullen, Ramon Tikaram, Neil Fitzmaurice, Eileen O'Brien and Guy Burnet
5 "The Butterfly Effect" Richard Standeven Esther Wilson 22 May 2009
A single parent working for a homeless hostel is threatened by a youth with a knife - but everyone refuses to believe her. As she becomes more withdrawn and paranoid, only a chance meeting with her attacker is able to convince her she is not going crazy.
Starring Lesley Sharp, Susan Cookson, Luke Bailey, Joanne Froggatt, Charles De'Ath, Elliott Tittensor and Finn Atkins

Series 2 (2010)[edit]

Episode Title Director Writer Original airdate
1 "Sauce for the Goose" Gary Williams John Fay 1 November 2010
A middle-aged divorcee's life is turned upside down where her son, who is living in South Africa, is attacked and mugged - leaving her ailing mother, for whom she is main carer, in a difficult position.
Starring Anna Massey, Susannah Harker, Daniel Ryan and Pooky Quesnel
2 "Skies of Glass" Julia Ford Nick Leather 2 November 2010
A childless couple believe they have been graced with a miracle when an abandoned baby is left in their car. But when the police get wind of her unexpected arrival, the couple believe that contact from the birth mother may be imminent.
Starring Claire Skinner, Shaun Dooley, Teresa Banham, Neil Bell, Ian Curley and Kelli Hollis
3 "Skin Deep" Len Gowing Lyn Papadopoulos 3 November 2010
An ageing housewife decides to have botox and a tummy tuck in an attempt to impress her former school friends at a reunion due. However, this leads to arguments with her estranged husband, who decides it's the last straw.
Starring Jenny Agutter, Robert Glenister, Nicola Stephenson and Lisa Faulkner
4 "Malaise" Dominic West Dale Overton 4 November 2010
An ex-convict recently paroled following his role in an armed robbery finds that life on the outside is very different - and soon ends up losing his one lifeline - his job - after coming head to head with his wife's new partner.
Starring John Simm, Ewen Bremner and Susan Lynch
5 "Letting Go" Noreen Kershaw Karen Brown 5 November 2010
A dental nurse is shocked to discover her long-term partner and father of her son has a secret heroin addiction that he has been keeping from her for several years. However, she soon comes to realize that towing a harsh line may not be the best approach.
Starring Naomi Radcliffe, Jack Deam and Maureen Beattie
6 "Trust" Illy Hill Arthur Ellison 8 November 2010
An elderly ex-boxer takes pity on a young thief trying to burgle his house, and decides to take him under his wing and teach him how to box. However, when his late wife's rings disappear, he realizes he may have been conned from the start.
Starring Roy Marsden, Gerard Kearns and Kieran O'Brien
7 "The Test" Gary Williams Alice Nutter 9 November 2010
A widow becomes anxious of her new boyfriend after her best friend informs her that he is a wife-beater. But after discovering she has been lied to, the pair come to blows and end up being involved in a car accident.
Starring Corin Redgrave, Hannah Gordon and Maggie Steed. This episode was dedicated to the memory of Corin Redgrave, who died seven months prior to broadcast.
8 "Losing My Religion" Ian Barber Shaun Duggan 10 November 2010
A married couple fear for their son's safety after he is bullied at school for being gay. However, they soon find solace in a local priest who offers them help and guidance.
Starring Hugo Speer, Ruth Gemmell, Nico Mirallegro, George Irving, Tom Mannion and Jane Lowe
9 "Rules of the Game" Peter Fearon Sarah Deane 11 November 2010
A young unemployed student finds himself in awe of his elder brother, who has just struck the big time as a footballer. However, an unexpected trip to casualty leads him into the path of stunning nurse who steals his heart.
Starring Alfie Allen, Richard Fleeshman, Olivia Hallinan, Rebecca Atkinson, Paula Wilcox and Antony Booth
10 "I Am Darleen Fyles" Pauline Harris Esther Wilson 12 November 2010
A young woman suffering with anxiety and depression finds solace in an elderly care home resident after her boyfriend becomes concerned over the number of phone calls she is making to the emergency services.
Starring Lorraine Ashbourne, Anne Reid and Craig Cheetham

Series 3 (2011)[edit]

Episode Title Director Writer Original airdate
1 "The Milkman" John Fay John Fay 14 November 2011
A kind-hearted milkman who shows young local children the tricks of his trade becomes the subject of a false lawsuit after one of his proteges has an accident - and despite no lasting injuries, his mother decides to fake a lawsuit as a way to recoup money against her outstanding debts.
Starring Alicya Eyo, Rob James-Collier, Suzanne Collins and Andrew Schofield
2 "Tour of Duty" Gary Williams Lena Rae 15 November 2011
A housewife whose husband is away on a Tour of Duty in Afghanistan finds a cure for her post-natal depression when an exciting new man comes into her life. But when her husband is left badly injured, she is forced to make a tough decision.
Starring Annabelle Apsion, Christine Bottomley, Dean Lennox Kelly and Myles Keogh
3 "Punter" Gary Williams Arthur Ellison 16 November 2011
A plumber with mounting debts seizes the chance to steal a long-forgotten collection of diamonds from one of his customers. But when he squanders away the proceeds, his world as he knows it begins to tumble down around him.
Starring Reece Dinsdale, Eva Pope, Melanie Kilburn and Paul Usher
4 "Donor" Ian Barber Shaun Duggan 17 November 2011
A young woman's dreams of starting a family are shattered when her boyfriend reveals that he is infertile. However, she soon suggests that her gay best friend could be a sperm donor, but is he willing to sacrifice his morals?
Starring Warren Brown, Alastair Mackenzie, Sally Phillips and Paul Rhys
5 "The Poetry of Silence" Ian Barber Esther Wilson 18 November 2011
A university student with an increasing workload contemplates taking his own life, but with the help of his best friend and parents, manages to get himself back on the straight and narrow. But with no job or prospects, he struggles to fill his time.
Starring Fay Ripley, Ben Daniels, Joe Dempsie and Jo Woodcock

Series 4 (2013)[edit]

Episode Title Director Writer Original airdate
1 "The Shrine" Noreen Kershaw Karen Brown 28 January 2013
A couple trying to sell their house finds themselves in a compromising situation when a young boy is killed in a hit-and-run right on their doorstep. And when the entrance to their front garden becomes a shrine to the deceased, relations with the boy's family become strained.
Starring Matthew Kelly, Barbara Flynn, Sally Carman, Steve Evets and Neil Bell
2 "Visiting Order" Noreen Kershaw Collette Kane 29 January 2013
A Norwegian student is forced to choose between her imprisoned father - who is serving life for drug trafficking - and her new boyfriend, after a lockdown during a visiting session results in her missing a romantic dinner for two.
Starring Marian Saastad Ottesen, Rob James-Collier, Bjarne Henriksen and Morag Siller
3 "Friends Like These" Pauline Harris Shaun Duggan 30 January 2013
A single parent, struggling with money worries and social relationships, finds solace in the parent of a new child at the local school. However, when her new friend becomes obsessive to the point of stalking, she realises now is the time to finally stand up for herself.
Starring Gillian Kearney, Natasha Little and Rachel Leskovac
4 "Blood Ties" Robert Glenister Arthur Ellison 31 January 2013
A building instructor who is struggling to care for his elderly father finally breaks down after he accidentally mows down a young girl whilst answering a call to attend a fire at his father's home. When he later has an argument with a work colleague, he realises that the consequences of the previous night's events could turn his world upside down.
Starring Paul McGann, Jack Shepherd, Jennifer Hennessy and Rob Jarvis
5 "That's Amore" Johnny Vegas Elliot Hope 1 February 2013
A married man struggles to comprehend his wrongdoing when his wife asks for a divorce, seemingly out of the blue. However, when the pair both end up with new dates, they realise that their decision to split may have been wrong after all.
Starring Jason Manford, Rebekah Staton, Jack Deam and Patrick McDonnell

Series 5 (2013)[edit]

Episode Title Director Writer Original airdate
1 "Fledgling" Noreen Kershaw Shaun Duggan 11 November 2013
A policeman's wife decides to spice up her boring life by shoplifting, but soon finds herself on the run from the law. But unable to face up to her actions, she lies to her husband by claiming she was admitted to hospital.
Starring Natalie Gumede and Ray Fearon
2 "The House" Gary Williams Arthur Ellison 12 November 2013
A postman is excited when his father agrees to sign over his house to him, allowing him, his wife and his two children to move into the more suitable accommodation. However, when the man's estranged sister challenges the decision, she unleashes a shocking secret which leads the man to start the search for his biological father.
Starring Lee Ingleby, Jo Joyner, Duncan Preston and Keith Barron
3 "Value" Noreen Kershaw Anthony Gannie 13 November 2013
A newly qualified English teacher is driven barmy by her group of unruly students - so much that her hair starts to fall out. When she decides to fake having cancer as a way of passing off her baldness, she begins to receive sympathy from pupils and staff alike.
Starring Dominique Jackson, Adam Fogerty, Ramon Tikaram and Anita Dobson
4 "Hush Little Baby" Robert Glenister Esther Wilson 14 November 2013
A young girl suddenly becomes mute after discovering her father is having affair, leaving her family puzzled and concerned - but when she comes face to face with her father's mistress, she finds a newfound voice to tell her mother of his infidelity.
Starring Emma Cunniffe, Anthony Flanagan, Becky Hindley and Amy Nuttall
5 "Back By Six" Johnny Vegas Andy Lynch 15 November 2013
A cab driver suspects his ex-wife has found a new lover after informing him she is taking their children on holiday, but after his initial suspicions are quashed, the pair agree to work together for the sake of the children.
Starring Sharon Horgan, Paul Loughran and Craig Kelly

Series 6 (2014)[edit]

Episode Title Director Writer Original airdate
1 "Madge" Reece Dinsdale Shaun Duggan 10 November 2014
An active pensioner is forced to lie to her new partner about visiting her ex-husband in jail, after misinforming her friends and family that he died in a car crash some years previously. But when her new beau pops the question, can she continue to keep up the facade?
Starring Hayley Mills, Peter Egan, Lucy Liemann and Kenneth Cranham
2 "The Signature" David Whitney Anthony Gannie 11 November 2014
A mother of two does the unholy deed when a customer comes into her shop with a winning lottery ticket - but with the customer unaware of the windfall, she decides to claim the ticket for herself. But is she able to face up to the consequences of her actions?
Starring Lisa Riley and Graeme Hawley
3 "Blind" Julia Ford Steven Fay 12 November 2014
A married housewife finds solace in an old friend, who is blind, after her marriage takes a turn for the worse. However, when he tries to persuade her to leave her husband, she realises that their marriage may be salvageable after all.
Starring Neil Fitzmaurice, Anna Crilly, Chris McCausland, Ciarán Griffiths and Dave Hill
4 "The Two Brothers" Gary Williams Collette Kane 13 November 2014
A down-on-his luck man moves in with his brother after separating from his wife, but when his brother gambles away a debt owed to him, he reports him to the police - which results in his brother losing his job. But can he own up to what he has done?
Starring Wil Johnson, Chucky Venn, Carla Henry, Leah Hackett and Liz May Brice
5 "The Beneficiary" Gary Williams Andy Lynch 14 November 2014
A woman is devastated when her married lover is killed in a car crash, but is forced to hide her pain from her own husband. However, when she is left £50,000 in the dead man's will, she is forced to reveal all about their illicit affair.
Starring Katy Carmichael, Dominic Carter, Mina Anwar and Brian Capron

Series 7 (2016)[edit]

Episode Title Director Writer Original airdate
1 "Taxi for Linda" Noreen Kershaw Elliot Hope 22 February 2016
Switchboard operator Frank struggles to contain his feelings for co-worker Linda, but when ex-employee Terry rolls up and sweeps Linda off her feet, Frank's emotional persona changes, until he discovers Terry is having an affair.
Starring Julie Hesmondhalgh, Shane Richie and John Thomson
2 "Passengers" Paul McGann Nick Leather 23 February 2016
A widowed pensioner offers to help out his friendly neighbour by teaching her to drive, but when he discovers she is being abused by her partner, he decides to call in Social Services to prevent any further torment.
Starring Eve Myles, Paul Copley and Joe McGann
3 "A Picture of Innocence" Julia Ford Shaun Duggan 24 February 2016
A woman discovers lewd photos of her teenage daughter have been posted on the internet, so sets out to track down her less than subtle boyfriend, and shame him publicly for subjecting his girlfriend to online humiliation.
Starring Kerry Godliman and Sean Chapman
4 "Love?" David Whitney Collette Kane 25 February 2016
A woman who has devoted her life to caring for her alcoholic father, whom everyone believes is dead, is forced to lie to her boyfriend when he proposes to her. But when decides to leave town, will she open up about her double life?
Starring Samuel Anderson and Steve Evets
5 "Scratch" Reece Dinsdale Arthur Ellison 26 February 2016
A man decides to make to make a complaint against a group of noisy builders after his car is damaged, but sets in motion a chain of events which threatens to affect the entire neighbourhood and the residents in it.
Starring William Ash, Neil Bell, Rebecca Callard, Chris Coghill and Bill Fellowes


Series Start date End date Episodes
1 18 May 2009 22 May 2009 5
2 1 November 2010 12 November 2010 10
3 14 November 2011 18 November 2011 5
4 28 January 2013 1 February 2013 5
5 11 November 2013 15 November 2013 5
6 10 November 2014 14 November 2014 5
7 22 February 2016 26 February 2016 5


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