Moving On (Unter Null album)

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Studio album by Unter Null
Released 9.10.2016
Recorded 9.10.2016
Genre Industrial
Length 1:16:08
Label Alfa Matrix
Producer Erica Dunham

Moving On is the third album produced by Erica Dunham, under the moniker of Unter Null. The album itself is available in multiple versions, including a 2CD Limited Box and a 3CD Super Fan Box. Exclusive Japanese edition (2 CD Limited Edition with exclusive Re:moved disc) will come out in May from Deathwatch Asia and Alfa-Matrix. [1]

Track listing[edit]

No. Title Length
1. "Journey to Descent" 6:06
2. "Moving On" 4:44
3. "Broken Heart Cliche" 4:12
4. "The Fall" 5:16
5. "Godless" 4:37
6. "I Can't Be the One" 4:03
7. "Visceral, Venom of My Being" 4:16
8. "Tear Down the Walls" 4:34
9. "Hypocrite and Contradict" 3:53
10. "Third Party" 5:54
11. "The Mercy Seat" 8:27

Bonus Tracks

No. Title Length
12. "Obligatory Club Hit to Appease the Masses" 5:21
13. "I Can't be the One [DE_TOT_COR mix]" 4:50
14. "Godless [Hard Dance Remix]" 5:29
15. "I Can't be the One [Torment Mix]" 4:16

Additional Song Information[edit]

  • "The Mercy Seat" is a Nick Cave cover. A Demo of the song appeared on the Unter Null Myspace Player sometime in 2008 and was removed before the end of the year.


The following tracks have been featured on various compilations, some tracks are different to the versions found on the album, while others are remixes by different artists.

  1. Alfa-Matrix Re:Connected 3.0 (2008), - Moving On (Acylum Mix)
  2. Sounds From The Matrix 07 (2008), - Moving On (Essence Of Mind Mix)
  3. Endzeit Bunkertracks: Act IV (2009), - Broken Heart Cliché
  4. Sounds From The Matrix 09 (2009), - Visceral Venom
  5. Sounds From The Matrix 10 (2009), - I Can't Be The One (EX.ES Mix)


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