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For the municipality, see Movri (municipality).
Oros Movri.jpg
Highest point
Elevation 718 m (2,356 ft)
Coordinates 38°01′43″N 21°32′15″E / 38.0287°N 21.5375°E / 38.0287; 21.5375Coordinates: 38°01′43″N 21°32′15″E / 38.0287°N 21.5375°E / 38.0287; 21.5375
Movri is located in Greece
western Achaea, Greece

Movri (Greek: Μόβρη) is a forested mountain range in western Achaea, Greece. Its highest point is 718 m amsl. It covers part of the municipal units Movri, Dymi, Larissos and Olenia. It is located about 30 km southwest of Patras. The higher mountain range Skollis lies to its southeast. The river Larissos has its source in the Movri, and flows to the west. Villages around the Movri are, from the north clockwise: