Mowafaq Tarif

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Mowafaq Tarif

Shaykh Muwaffak Tarīf (Arabic: موفق طريف‎‎, Hebrew: מוואפק טריף‎‎) is the current spiritual leader of the Druze community in Israel.[1][2]

Tarif was born in 1963 in the city of Julis. Since 1753, his family has been leading the Druze community in Palestine and then Israel. In 1993, he inherited the position of spiritual leader from his grandfather, Shaykh Amin Tarif.[3][4]

In January 2004, Sheikh Mowafak Tarif, the spiritual leader of Israeli Druze, signed a declaration, which called on non-Jews living in Israel to observe the Noahide Laws. He was joined by the mayor of Shefa-'Amr.[5]