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Mower is a machine designed to cut grass or crops or other plants growing close to the ground.

Mower may also refer to:

Art and entertainment[edit]


  • Barry Mower, American businessperson, owner of Lifetime Products
  • Caryn Mower (born 1965), retired American professional wrestler actress, and stuntwoman
  • Charles Mower (1875–1942), American yacht designer and author
  • Jack Mower (1890–1965), American film actor
  • John Edward Mower (1815–1879), member of Minnesota territorial legislature in the 1850s
  • Joseph A. Mower (1827–1870), Union general during the American Civil War
  • Liam Mower (born 1992), English actor and dancer
  • Morton Mower (born 1933), American cardiologist and the co-inventor of the automatic implantable cardioverter defibrillator



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