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Moy Park
IndustryFood processing
Area served
Key people
Janet McCollum, Chief Executive[1]

Moy Park is the largest poultry meat producer in Northern Ireland (also produces poultry in England and one of the 15 biggest food companies in the United Kingdom.[3] Moy Park is the largest employer in Northern Ireland, with 6,300 employees and a further 5,400 in Great Britain, 800 in France, 100 in the Netherlands and around 50 in the Republic of Ireland.[2]

The company was founded in 1943 in the village of Moygashel near Dungannon; it continues to have a factory in Dungannon.[4]

The company supplies supermarkets like Asda and fast food restaurants such as McDonald's and Burger King.[2] Brands include:[3]

  • Moy Park Chicken
  • O'Kane (breaded and ready to eat products)
  • Castle Lea (ready to eat products)
  • Moy Park Foodservice (frozen poultry)
  • Kitchen Range Foods (frozen desserts, meat free and gluten free foods)
  • Albert Van Zoonen (snack products)
  • Orléans (meat processing)
  • McLarnon Feeds (animal feeds)

In September 2015, the company was sold by one Brazilian food processing company, Marfrig, to another, JBS S.A., for almost £1 billion.[2]

A £20 million investment in Moy Park’s Dungannon facility was announced in late 2015.[5] The investment will increase production at Dungannon from 1.3 million to 2.3 million birds per week.[5]

In March 2016, the company announced it would be investing £4 million at its Seagoe site in Craigavon to increase production of cooked chicken.[6]

Prior to the 2016 referendum on the UK's membership of the EU, the company's Chief Executive, Janet McCollum, said that the UK should remain within the European Union.[1] The company has used the freedom of movement within the EU to employ over 1,000 workers from countries such as Lithuania, Poland and Portugal at its Northern Ireland facilities.[1] After the UK voted to leave the EU, the company announced that it planned to move its headquarters to the Republic of Ireland.[7]

In September 2017, JBS sold Moy Park to Pilgrim's Pride for £1 billion; JBS owns 79% of Pilgrim's Pride.[8]


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