Moya Doherty

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Moya Doherty
Born Pettigo, County Donegal
Occupation Entrepreneur
Net worth £42+ Million (estimated).
Spouse(s) John McColgan

Moya Doherty (born 1957, in Pettigo, County Donegal, Ireland) is a Dublin-raised Irish entrepreneur and the producer and co-founder of Riverdance.


Riverdance is a worldwide acclaimed theatrical phenomenon, which premiered in Dublin’s Point Theatre in February 1995. Riverdance had started as a seven-minute interlude at the 1994 Eurovision Song Contest in Dublin, commissioned by Doherty, who was the show's Executive Producer.

Business interests[edit]

She is a director of Tyrone Productions, one of Ireland’s leading independent television production companies, whose output includes drama, documentary and entertainment programming. She was a founding director of the radio station Today FM and, as a member of the Board of the Dublin Theatre Festival, Ms Doherty is heavily involved in promoting new and challenging theatrical work in Ireland.

Personal life[edit]

Doherty is married to co-founder of Riverdance, John McColgan, and she is regarded as one of the richest women in Ireland, with an estimated fortune of £42 million.[1] McColgan and Doherty lived for many years on an extensive property in the Baily region of Howth and having sold the main property, retained a 3-bedroom house with private access.