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Moyen-Comoé Region
Région du Moyen-Comoé
Defunct region of Ivory Coast
Location of Moyen-Comoé
Location of Moyen-Comoé Region in Ivory Coast
Capital Abengourou
 •  Established as a first-level subdivision 1997
 •  Disestablished 2011
Area 6,921 km2 (2,672 sq mi)
Today part of Indénié-Djuablin Region

Moyen-Comoé Region is a defunct region of Ivory Coast. From 1997 to 2011, it was a first-level subdivision region. The region's capital was Abengourou and its area was 6,921 km².[1] Since 2011, the area formerly encompassed by the region is the second-level Indénié-Djuablin Region in Comoé District.[2]

Administrative divisions[edit]

At the time of its dissolution, Moyen-Comoé Region was divided into two departments: Abengourou and Agnibilékrou.


Moyen-Comoé Region was abolished as part of the 2011 administrative reorganisation of the subdivisions of Ivory Coast. The area formerly encompassed by the region is now Indénié-Djuablin Region. Indénié-Djuablin is one of two regions in the first-level Comoé District.

Coordinates: 6°30′N 3°25′W / 6.500°N 3.417°W / 6.500; -3.417


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