Moyen-Ogooué Province

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Moyen-Ogooué Province in Gabon
Moyen-Ogooué Province in Gabon
Coordinates: 0°30′S 10°30′E / 0.500°S 10.500°E / -0.500; 10.500Coordinates: 0°30′S 10°30′E / 0.500°S 10.500°E / -0.500; 10.500
Country  Gabon
Capital Lambaréné
 • Total 18,535 km2 (7,156 sq mi)
Population (2013 census)
 • Total 69,287
 • Density 3.7/km2 (9.7/sq mi)

Moyen-Ogooué is one of Gabon's nine provinces. It covers an area of 18,535 km2 (7,156 sq mi). The provincial capital is Lambaréné.

Alone among the provinces of Gabon, Moyen-Ogooué has neither seacoast nor a foreign border. It borders the following provinces:

Coat of arms of Moyen-Ogooue (G3) Province - edition 2017
Coat of arms of Moyen-Ogooue (G3) Province - edition 2017

Moyen-Ogooué borders more other provinces of Gabon than any other province.


Departments of Moyen-Ogooué

Moyen-Ogooué is divided into 2 departments:

Further reading[edit]

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