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Moyross (Irish: Maigh Ruis) is a council estate in Limerick, Ireland. It was developed in the 1970s and 1980s, and, up to 2008, the estate was unusual in that it spanned two electoral areas, with 728 houses part of the Ballynanty DED of Limerick City Council, and 432 houses in the Limerick North Rural DED of Limerick County Council. The city boundaries have since been redrawn so that the whole estate is now covered by the City Council. It comprises 1,160 houses which are divided into 12 parks. Moyross is currently the largest housing estate in Limerick city,[1] and is located on the north side.

Notable figures include Noel Hogan of the Cranberries and rugby player Keith Earls.


Moyross has been strongly associated in the media with anti-social behaviour,poverty and criminal gangs.Moyross gained notoriety with decades long cycle of incidents involving petrol bomb attacks,stabbings,murders and a litany of gun-related incidents, which reached a peak in 2006.[2] An incident that received much media attention around the Republic was the September 2006 petrol bomb attack of a car containing five-year-old Gavin Murray and seven-year-old Millie Murray, which resulted in serious injuries to both of them after their mother turned down youths for a lift to a courthouse.[3][4]

The crime illustrated the desperate need for government attention in Moryross and the neglect faced by the housing estates within , compared to more affluent areas of Limerick. John Fitzgerald was appointed to lead an initiative to address issues of crime and exclusion in Moyross.[5]