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Símbolo del Metro de Bilbao negativo.svg Moyua
Bilbao - Metro, estación de Moyúa 1.jpg
Station's overview
LocationMoyua Plaza
48009 Bilbao
Coordinates43°15′46″N 2°56′02″W / 43.26278°N 2.93389°W / 43.26278; -2.93389Coordinates: 43°15′46″N 2°56′02″W / 43.26278°N 2.93389°W / 43.26278; -2.93389
Owned byMetro Bilbao S.A.
Line(s)Metro de Bilbao L1.svg Metro de Bilbao L2.svg
Platforms2 side platforms
Structure typeUnderground station
Platform levels1
Disabled accessYes
Other information
Fare zone  Zone 1  
Opened11 November 1995

Moyua is a station of line 1 and line 2 of Metro Bilbao. The station is located in the neighbourhood of Abando, in the district with the same name.[1] The station is located under the Moyua Plaza, named after Federico Moyua, mayor of Bilbao during the early 20th century.

It is the second most used station of the network after Abando, and is the closest station in distance to the Guggenheim Museum Bilbao.

Station layout[edit]

Moyua station follows the typical cavern-shaped layout of most underground Metro Bilbao stations designed by Norman Foster, with the main hall located directly above the rail tracks.


  • Aiga escalator down inv.svg 3 Moyua Plaza (Elcano exit)
  • Aiga escalator down inv.svg 1 Moyua Plaza (Ercilla-Guggenheim exit)
  • Aiga escalator down inv.svg 8 Diputación street (Diputación exit, closed during night time services)
  • Aiga elevator inv.svg MUTCD D9-6.svg 37 Gran Vía (Ercilla-Guggenheim exit)


Metro services[edit]

The station is served by Line 1 to Etxebarri, Bidezabal and Plentzia and Line 2 to Basauri and Santurtzi. There are trains to San Ignazio every two minutes, as both lines run in the same direction, trains from line 2 to Santurtzi and Bidezabal every five minutes and to Plentzia every twenty minutes.[2] There are extended services on weekends. Passengers looking to interchange from line 1 to line 2 or vice versa may do it in this station.

Preceding station   Metro Bilbao   Following station
toward Plentzia or Bidezabal
Line 1
toward Etxebarri
toward Kabiezes
Line 2
toward Basauri

Bus services[edit]

Around Moyua Plaza stop several Bizkaibus lines, all in close proximity to the metro station entrance.

  • A3224 Bilbao - Derio - Technological Park
  • A3247 Bilbao - Airport
  • A3516 Bilbao - Mungia (motorway)
  • A3517 Bilbao - Derio - Mungia
  • A3518 Bilbao - Bakio (motorway)
  • A3527 Bilbao - Bermeo (motorway)

Future services[edit]

In 2008 the Basque Government made public the project of Metro Bilbao's line 4, which was expected to connect Moyua with the southern district of Errekalde, with the construction works expected to begin within the following two years.[3] In 2009 the Basque Government announced the possibility of connecting the then under construction line 3 with the future line 4 at Matiko, thus extending the line 4 from Errekalde to Matiko via Moyua and two additional stations, one by the Doña Casilda Iturrizar park and another one by the campus of the University of Deusto. This project would have involved the renovation of Moyua station to hold the new platforms and tracks.[4]

The line however stayed as a mere project, and in 2017 the Basque Government announced that any type of construction work could not begin before 2020 due to the lack of resources, a problem that also affected the line 5 project to Galdakao.[5]


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