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The Mozart Programming System is a multiplatform implementation of the Oz programming language, developed by an international group, the Mozart Consortium, which originally consisted of Saarland University, the Swedish Institute of Computer Science, and the Université Catholique de Louvain.

Mozart excels in creating distributed, concurrent applications, because it makes a network fully transparent. It supports GUI applications through Tcl/Tk integration, because it runs applications in a virtual machine: applications can be developed once and run on many different platforms.

However, the execution speed of the Mozart Compiler (version 1.4.0 implementing Oz 3) is very slow. On a set of benchmarks it is on average about 50 times slower than the gcc compiler for the C language, solving the benchmarks-tasks.[1][not in citation given]


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  • Concepts, Techniques, and Models of Computer Programming – a book which uses Oz and the Mozart Programming System for its examples
  • Alice – a concurrent functional constraint programming language early versions of which ran on the Mozart/Oz virtual machine, allowing interfacing between Alice and Oz code

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