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Mozilla Archive Format
MAFF Icon.png
Filename extension
Internet media type
Magic number04 03 4b 50
Developed byChristopher Ottley,[1] Paolo Amadini[1]
Initial release4 May 2004 (2004-05-04)
Type of formatWeb-archive, data compression
Container forWeb-pages
Extended fromZIP
Open format?Yes for the Specification of MAFF file format;[2]
(MAF Firefox Addon)[3] under MPL 1.1, GPL 2.0, LGPL 2.1, or any later version of these licenses;
Documentation is under Copyright;[4]

The Mozilla Archive Format (MAFF) is a legacy web page archiving format provided by Firefox through an extension.[3] It is used to save one or more web pages together with their associated audio, video, and other related web resources to a single file.[5] Unlike MHTML, which uses MIME encoding within a single HTML file, MAFF compresses the page into a ZIP container file.[6]

The extension no longer works on newer (as of 2017) versions of Firefox. The author has stated that future support will not be added.[7] But it is still supported in Cyberfox and Waterfox, forks of Firefox that try to keep features removed from Firefox like the traditional extension API. Browser extension WebScrapBook (with assistant PyWebScrapBook), available for Firefox 57+ and Chromium-based browsers, supports saving and opening MAFF files.[8][9] Pale Moon extension MozArchiver, a fork of original extension, bring the same support for Pale Moon 26.0 and newer.[10]

For those who have kept records in .maff format, one way to recover the file contents is to extract the internal folders and files with an unarchiver like 7-Zip. It also allows for automatic processing, e.g. as ZIP-type in local search machines (like DocFetcher). Since MAFF is a well defined open file format, it makes sense to just keep the archived documents and use alternative extensions. At least Pale Moon allows to associate the .maff file type in MS Windows to open it directly with appropriate extensions.

Format licensing[edit]

MAFF is an open file format. The file format specification is published.[2]

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