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Mozilla Taiwan
Limited company
Founded19 October 2011 (2011-10-19)
OwnerMozilla Foundation Edit this on Wikidata

Mozilla Taiwan (Chinese: 美商謀智; pinyin: Měishāng Móuzhì) is a branch of the Mozilla Corporation in Taipei, Taiwan. Mozilla Taiwan was founded on 19 October 2011. It helps promoting and deploying Mozilla products in Taiwan.[1]

Comparison to Mozilla Taiwan Community[edit]

Mozilla Taiwan Community (MozTW) was set up in 2004. Mozilla Taiwan is often mixed up with MozTW. The name Mozilla Taiwan was often used by the independent user communities and was transferred to Mozilla Taiwan company after it was set up in 2011.[2] Mozilla Taiwan and MozTW are both members of the greater Mozilla community.


Foxmosa is a mascot created by Mozilla Taiwan Community (MozTW). The name combines the English term for Taiwan, Formosa, and fox.[3][4]

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