Mozzarella sticks

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Mozzarella sticks
Mozzarella 394.jpg
Homemade mozzarella sticks
Course Hors d'oeuvre
Place of origin France
Serving temperature Mainly with marinara sauce
Main ingredients Mozzarella, batter or breading
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Mozzarella sticks are elongated pieces of battered or breaded mozzarella.

Mozzarella sticks may be served with tomato,[1] ketchup, or marinara sauce, as well as plum sauce, jalapeño jelly, barbecue sauce, honey mustard sauce, and ranch dressing. Cheeses other than mozzarella are also fried, including provolone, Edam, cheddar, and American.

Mozzarella sticks with raspberry sauce are part of the regional cuisine of New York's Capital District.[2][3]


Mozzarella sticks date back to at least 1393 in Medieval France, when a recipe for fried cheese sticks appeared in Le Ménagier de Paris.[4][5]

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