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Birth name Timothy Patterson
Also known as Lil' Tim
Born (1987-06-24) June 24, 1987 (age 29)
Sacramento, California, United States
Occupation(s) Rapper
Years active 2004-present
Labels Livewire Entertainment, Blackmarket Records, Empire, Writersnation
Associated acts DJ Fresh, Nef the Pharaoh, Philthy Rich, YG RG KT Foreign J Stalin, Slim400, Cellyru, Lil Blood, Iamsu, E Mozzy, Rich Homie Quan, The Jacka, Joe Blow, Skeme, Berner, E-40

Timothy "Mozzy" Patterson[1] is an American hip hop artist from Sacramento, California who works with Livewire Entertainment, Empire Distribution, and Blackmarket Records.[1][2]

Mozzy started rapping in 2004 under the name Lil' Tim,[1] before changing his stage name to Mozzy in 2012. He received little notoriety until his 2015 album Bladadah which was ranked the 22nd best rap album of 2015 by Rolling Stone[3] and which gave him the "best run" of 2015 according to Complex Magazine.[4]


Mozzy first began rapping at age 11 alongside his uncle Genaro "GP the Beast" Patterson, who would later collaborate with the likes of Suge Knight and others on the 2004 Death Row compilation album Too Gangsta' For Radio.[1]

Lil' Tim[edit]

In 2010, under the stage name "Lil Tim", Mozzy released a single titled "U Ain't Really Like 'Dat", his first music release as a full-time musician.[4] On August 2, 2016, Mozzy released Lil' Timothy N Thingz, a collection of songs recorded in 2008 while he had still been known as "Lil' Tim".[5]


Mozzy's first notable collaboration was with an industry executive, DJ Fresh, who produced Mozzy's 2013 album The Tonite Show.[4] On Mozzy's third solo album, Goonbody Embodiment, he collaborated with Oakland rapper Philthy Rich, on the track "I'm Just Being Honest", which caused a longstanding controversy.[6] In December, Compton rapper YG released a single titled "City Mad" featuring Mozzy and associate "Slim 400" leading up to the release of his album, Still Krazy.[7] In 2016, Vallejo rapper Nef the Pharaoh released the album Neffy Got Wings, featuring a track with Mozzy called "Devil's Team".[8]

Solo work[edit]

Mozzy's solo albums, such as Bladadah, are his largest success. He released his first solo album in 2011 under the title Money Means Mozzy and had released 10 other albums by 2016.

In 2015, Mozzy was recognized by Complex magazine for having the "best run of 2015",[4] and by Rolling Stone for having the 22nd best rap album of 2015.[3]

In 2016, Mozzy moved from Sacramento to Los Angeles, California and released the album Gang Related Siblings, featuring his fellow Oak Park native and Mozzy producer June.[9]

Mozzy's 2016 album "Mandatory Check" reached no. 7 on the Billborad Rap Albums chart.[10]

Early life[edit]

Mozzy grew up on 4th Avenue, in Sacramento's Oak Park neighborhood.[11] Mozzy's mother was a crack cocaine addict and his father was incarcerated, so he was raised by his grandmother Brenda Patterson-Usher, a Black Panther party member, who owned several homes throughout Oak Park.[12] Mozzy attended Sacramento High School, but eventually dropped out and earned a GED. He worked various local jobs until he decided to pursue his music career full time in 2010.[1]

Lavish D beef[edit]

In March 2014, Mozzy released a track called "I'm Just Being Honest" which sparked a feud with local rapper Lavish D.[6] This started with an ambush by Lavish D's "Starzup" gang on March 15 of an associate of Mozzy's from Oak Park at the Arden Fair Mall in Sacramento.[6] Eight shootings followed, which the Sacramento Police department found to be linked by the original incident between the two gangs.[6]

Legal issues[edit]

Between 2005 and 2008, Mozzy was arrested three times by the Sacramento Police for possession crimes, including illegal possession of a firearm and evading police. He was arrested again in 2014, and served a sentence in San Quentin State Prison,[1] during which his cousin and colleague E Mozzy released the album Free Mozzy. After leaving penitentiary, Mozzy decided to focus solely on his music, releasing four solo albums in 2015.[4] Despite receiving offers to perform across the nation and worldwide, Mozzy was unable to leave the state of California until 2017 due to being on probation.[1] [13]



Title Release date Label
Izizzel Izzy Izie Izim 2011 Independent
Money Means Mozzy 2011 Independent
Money Makin Mozzy 2011 Independent
Dope Fiend Tryna Get His Corsica Back December 20, 2011 Independent
The Tonite Show with Mozzy (with DJ Fresh) November 19, 2013 Sumo/Fresh in the Flesh
Goonbody Embodiment February 14, 2014 Independent
Next Body On You April 19, 2014 Independent
Next Body On You Part 2 November 7, 2014 Independent
Gangland Landscape April 25, 2015 Independent
Bladadah July 11, 2015 Independent
Yellow Tape Activities September 11, 2015 Black Market Records
Down to the Wire: 4th Ave Edition November 27, 2015 Livewire Entertainment
Hexa Hella Extra Headshots 2 February 9, 2016 Independent
Beautiful Struggle March 11, 2016 Empire Distribution
Extracurricular Activities (with Stevie Joe) April 29, 2016 Green Carpet/Stevie Joe/Livewire/Rapbay/Urbanlife Distribution
Earthquakes & Murder Rates (with Dutch Santana) April 29, 2016 Blood Work Ent.
Fraternal Twins (with E-Mozzy) May 12, 2016 Independent
Mob Ties (with Red-Dot) May 27, 2016 Fallout Records/Rapbay/Urbanlife Distribution
Mandatory Check June 10, 2016 Empire Distribution
Promise Not to Fumble (with Troublez) July 22, 2016 Troublez Music
Lil Timothy n' Thingz (2008 Era) July 29, 2016 Independent
Gang Related Siblings (with Lil June aka JuneOnnaBeat) August 19, 2016 Independent
Political Ties (with Philthy Rich) September 2, 2016 SCMMLLC
Fraternal Twins 2 (with E-Mozzy) October 19, 2016 Independent
1 Up Top Ahk TBA, 2016 Independent
Can't Fake the Real (with Blac Youngsta) May 19, 2017 Independent
Dreadlocks & Headshots (with GunPlay) June 2, 2017 Real Talk Entertainment

Guest appearances[edit]


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