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Mp3tag Logo.png
Mp3tag 2.40 on Windows Vista
Original author(s) Florian Heidenreich
Developer(s) Florian Heidenreich
Stable release 2.81 (February 17, 2017; 37 days ago (2017-02-17)) [±]
Development status Active
Written in C++
Operating system Windows XP and later
Size 2.78 MB
Available in 35 languages
Type Tag editor
License Freeware

Mp3tag is a freeware metadata editor for many audio file formats for Microsoft Windows. It includes support for the following audio formats: AAC, AIFF, FLAC, APE, MP3, MPEG-4 (mp4/m4a/m4b/iTunes compatible), MPC, OGG, OptimFROG OFR, OFS, SPX, TAK, TTA, WMA, WAV, WV.[1][2]


  • Batch Tag Editing. Write ID3v1.1, ID3v2.3, ID3v2.4, MPEG-4, WMA, APEv2 tags, and Vorbis comments to multiple files at once.[1]
  • Full Unicode support
  • Support for embedded album cover art
  • Automatically creates playlists
  • Recursive subfolder support
  • User-defined field mappings
  • Remove parts of a tag or the entire tag from multiple files
  • Rename files based on the tag information
  • Import tags from filenames and text files
  • Format tags and filenames
  • Replace characters or words from tags and filenames
  • Regular expressions
  • Export tag information to user-defined formats (i.e. HTML, RTF, CSV, XML and TXT)
  • Import tag information from online databases like freedb, discogs, MusicBrainz or Amazon (also by text-search)
  • Import tag information from local freedb databases
  • Support for ID3v2.3 (ISO-8859-1 and UTF-16) and ID3v2.4 with UTF-8


The following is an example of a M3U playlist file for "Jar of Flies" album by "Alice in Chains" that was created by Mp3tag with the following custom option settings:[3][4][5]

  • playlist extended info format = "%artist% - %title%"
  • playlist filename format = "%artist%_%album%_00_Playlist.m3u"
  • tag to filename conversion format = "%artist%_%album%_$num(%track%,2)_%title%"
#EXTINF:419,Alice in Chains - Rotten Apple
Alice in Chains_Jar of Flies_01_Rotten Apple.mp3
#EXTINF:260,Alice in Chains - Nutshell
Alice in Chains_Jar of Flies_02_Nutshell.mp3
#EXTINF:255,Alice in Chains - I Stay Away
Alice in Chains_Jar of Flies_03_I Stay Away.mp3
#EXTINF:256,Alice in Chains - No Excuses
Alice in Chains_Jar of Flies_04_No Excuses.mp3
#EXTINF:157,Alice in Chains - Whale And Wasp
Alice in Chains_Jar of Flies_05_Whale And Wasp.mp3
#EXTINF:263,Alice in Chains - Don't Follow
Alice in Chains_Jar of Flies_06_Don't Follow.mp3
#EXTINF:245,Alice in Chains - Swing On This
Alice in Chains_Jar of Flies_07_Swing On This.mp3

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