Mpanga-Kipengere Game Reserve

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The Mpanga-Kipengere Game Reserve is a protected area in Njombe Region of the Southern Highlands of Tanzania, East Africa.[1] The reserve covers an area of 1,574 square kilometres (608 sq mi). The altitude ranges from 1,800 metres (5,906 ft) to 23,000 metres (75,459 ft). In addition to the preservation of wildlife the reserve is an important catchment for the headwaters of several rivers that feed into the Great Ruaha River and provide water for the Usangu wetlands.[2]


The Mpanga-Kipengere Game Reserve is located at the northern end of the Kipengere Range (Livingstone mountain range). It lies partly in Makete District and partly in Wanging'ombe District. Tributaries of the Great Ruaha River that originate there include the Mbarali, Mlomboji, Kimani and Ipera Rivers, all of which flow basically northwards.


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