Mpelembe Secondary School

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Mpelembe Secondary School
Kitwe,no Zambia
Type Private
Motto Success Through Effort
Opened 8 September 1983
Number of students 700
Color(s) Black     red    beige(Previous)    

Mpelembe Secondary School is a secondary school in Zambia. It is located in Nkana East, Kitwe. It was officially opened on 8th Sept 1983 by the then President of Zambia Kenneth Kaunda. It started out as an engineering prep-school while under the sponsorship of the mining conglomerate Zambia Consolidated Copper Mines Limited (ZCCM) but now runs under the auspices of the Zambia Episcopal Conference of the Catholic Church. The meaning of the word "Mpelembe" derives from the native translation of the word antelope, which was a prominent figure on ZCCM's logo.

Mpelembe has a highly selective admissions at both eighth and tenth grade entry levels. Each year, there are thousands of applicants and only about one hundred and fifty students are enrolled.

Mpelembe had an A level program under the [Cambridge Local Examination Syndicate]. Students who met the grades went on to study at Universities in the UK, US, Canada and other developed countries. The majority of students chose to study in the UK. The most popular Universities for Mpelembe Students were University of Manchester, Birmingham, UMIST, Imperial college, Leeds University. Camborne School of Mines was the default college for Mining Engineering students.

There are websites and blogs that document what students from Mpelembe are involved in. The most prominent is [Mpelembe Network], also [Mpelembe Alumni discussion list]keeps in touch former students of Mpelembe Secondary School .

The former students have an association known as MESA [Mpelembe Ex- Students Association] which has been sponsoring deserving students to do grade 10-12 at the school.

[Mpelembe Network promotes Google Apps for Educationwhich is provided free by Google Inc. Mpelembe Network is a non profit community. As the community grows, a number of groups have developed via facebook, linkedin and other social channels.

Mpelembe is recognized as one of the best schools in the Republic of Zambia.

[Mpelembe Network is dedicated to building lifelong links, real people real friends