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Lastovo and the surrounding islands.jpg
Location Adriatic Sea
Coordinates 42°46′08″N 16°47′22″E / 42.76889°N 16.78944°E / 42.76889; 16.78944Coordinates: 42°46′08″N 16°47′22″E / 42.76889°N 16.78944°E / 42.76889; 16.78944
Archipelago Lastovo
Area 1.45 km2 (0.56 sq mi)
County Dubrovnik-Neretva
View on Mrčara from Prežba

Mrčara is a small uninhabited island in the Croatian part of the Adriatic Sea, located west of the islands of Prežba and Lastovo in southern Dalmatia. Its highest peak is 123 m above sea level and its coastline is 7.8 km long.[1]

There is a small jetty on the east coast of the island with a small seasonal restaurant servicing boats that wish to dock there.

In July 2011 the island hosted its first paintball game. Clear shelled and filled paintball's were used so as not to leave any marks on the islands historical fortifications and tunnel complexes. [2]

The island also hosts all weekend and all week Airsoft games as of July 2010.

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