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First edition

Mr. Adam (1946) is the first novel written by Pat Frank dealing with the effects of a nuclear mishap causing worldwide male infertility. The work was initially published by J. B. Lippincott Company, but was reprinted as a paperback in 1948 by Pocket Books as 'Mr. Adam', and again in 1959 by Pocket Books under the title Mr. Adam Was Wanted By Every Woman in the World.

One reviewer referred to the novel as "a fat prank by Pat Frank."

Plot summary[edit]

After a nuclear power plant in Mississippi explodes, it was soon realized that a previously unknown form of radiation was released. The radiation caused all men on Earth to become sterile, even boys who were still inside the mother's womb. However, ten months after the explosion in Mississippi, a doctor delivers a perfectly healthy baby girl. It's soon discovered that the child's father, who has the surname Adam was more than a mile under the surface of Earth inside an old silver and lead mine during the explosion. It would appear that Mr. Adam is humanity's only hope to stave off extinction.

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