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NABBA/WFF Australia
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SportBodybuilding, Figure, Physique.
PresidentGraeme Lancefield

The Mr. Australia contest, now known as the Australian Championships, is a bodybuilding contest for men and women organised by NABBA/WFF Australia. It also incorporates fitness, figure, bikini and sports model competitions.[1][2] Since 2007 the Australian Championships has included both NABBA bodybuilding classes for men and women and athletic bodybuilding classes under the World Fitness Federation (WFF). The contest is governed by NABBA/WFF Australia.

Since 2017, the Australian Championships have been held in Melbourne, Victoria.[3]

The Australian Championships is the Australian National Qualifier for the National Amateur Body-Builders' Association Universe contest, held each year in England since 1950. It is also the qualifier for the World Fitness Federation World Championships, held in a different location each year.


Beginning in 1947, the Mr. Australia contest was staged haphazardly by various individual promoters. It did not become a regular annual event until 1958. The early contests were not officially associated with any bodybuilding organisation however promoters in each state or territory were mindful not to promote more than one Mr Australia nationally and so shared the contest between them.

The United Body-Builders of Australia (UBBA) was formed in 1982 and Billy Knight became its first Mr. Australia winner. The UBBA continued promoting the Mr. Australia title until 1987. Gary Lewer was the final UBBA Mr. Australia. Having been affiliated with NABBA International the UBBA became NABBA Australia in 1988 and has remained affiliated ever since.

Since 2007 NABBA Australia has also promoted athletic bodybuilding events through the WFF and in most cases the organisation is now referred to as NABBA/WFF Australia.


This is a list of Overall Amateur Mr Australia champions:

Year Overall Winner State or Territory
1947 Bob Human South Australia
1951 Gordon Nutter Victoria
1953 Edward Eric Merta Victoria[4]
1954 John Penman New South Wales
1955 Les Griffiths New South Wales
1956 Charlie Sherhan New South Wales
1958 Joseph Cassar Victoria
1959 Tom Lardner South Australia
1960 Victor Vella New South Wales
1961 Victor Vella New South Wales
1962 Victor Vella New South Wales
1963 Les Griffiths New South Wales
1964 Chim Leong Victoria
1965 Les Spendlove New South Wales
1966 Carlo Zumbo New South Wales
1967 Victor Vella New South Wales
1968 Carlo Zumbo New South Wales
1969 Carlo Zumbo New South Wales
1970 Carlo Zumbo New South Wales
1971 Peter McCarthy Victoria
1972 Frank Colombera Western Australia
1973 Roger Walker New South Wales
1974 Ted Matoush New South Wales
1975 Roger Walker New South Wales
1976 Billy Robertson Western Australia
1977 Ivan Djirlic New South Wales
1978 Graeme Lancefield Victoria
1979 Peter Lindsay Victoria
1980 Richard Jonker Queensland
1981 Billy Knight New South Wales
1982 Billy Knight New South Wales
1983 Clem Ziegler Tasmania
1984 Richard Hargreaves New South Wales
1985 Gary Lewer Victoria
1986 Sammy Ioannidis Victoria
1987 Gary Lewer Victoria
1988 Gary Lewer Victoria
1989 Gary Lewer Victoria
1990 Bruce Leong Northern Territory
1991 Gary Tchernakoff Western Australia
1992 Kevin O'Grady New South Wales
1993 Grant Clemesha Western Australia
1994 Grant Clemesha Western Australia
1995 Grant Clemesha Western Australia
1996 Colin Murphie New South Wales
1997 Grant Mayo New South Wales
1998 Charles Duca New South Wales
1999 Tony Loiacono Western Australia
2000 Nick Jones South Australia
2001 Lee Newman Queensland
2002 Nick Jones South Australia
2003 Mark McEntyre New South Wales
2004 Scott Burgess Queensland
2005 Adam Fennell South Australia
2006 Charles Duca New South Wales
2007 Darren Smith Tasmania
2008 Justin Wessels New South Wales
2009 Justin Wessels New South Wales
2010 Justin Wessels New South Wales
2011 Abraham Elzaibak Victoria
2012 Frank Giampino Victoria
2013 Matt Smedley South Australia
2014 Michael Dittmann Victoria
2015 David Cutler Queensland
2016 Milton DeFreitas Western Australia
2017 Justin Wessels New South Wales
2018 Paul Jayilian Victoria
2019 Al Pope Victoria

Year Professional Winner State or Territory
2017 Barry Lawler New South Wales
2018 Barry Lawler New South Wales
2019 Shaun Mason New South Wales


Within Australia, competitions are governed in each separate state or territory by a state association, all affiliated to the national governing organisation.

Jurisdiction President
Australia Graeme Lancefield
New South Wales Paul Gallanos
Northern Territory Oskar Sarkans
Queensland Oskar Sarkans
South Australia Rob Strangis
Tasmania Daniel Lancefield
Victoria Daniel Lancefield
Western Australia Peta Baker

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