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Industry Retail (Home Improvement)
Founded 1964
Headquarters La Chapelle-Saint-Mesmin, France
Products Home improvement products such as home appliances, tools, household hardware, and garden supplies & plants.
Revenue Increase 1.67 billion Euro (2006)
Number of employees

Mr. Bricolage is a French retail chain offering home improvement and do-it-yourself goods. The company has around 80 shops and 435 franchise stores across France and also has operations across numerous European countries, as well as in South America and North Africa.[1]


Mr Bricolage was founded in the early 1964[2] as the Action Nationale des Promoteurs du Faite-le-vous-même (ANPF), the direct French translation of `do-it-yourself' by the Tabur family who were keen to promote the fast-growing new hobby of DIY.[3]

Originally, each store had its own name. In 1980, all the stores were united under a single brand: Mr.Bricolage.[4]

The ANPF was a cooperative organization that, as a holding company, converted its status in 1995 to that of a limited liability company in order to be able to raise outside capital.[3]

The company floated in 2000 on the Euronext Paris.[5]


  • 65.2% - Action Nationale des Promoteurs du Faite-le-vous-même (ANPF)
  • 25.8% - Tabur family[6]

International Presence[edit]

The chain operates over 500 stores in these countries:

A Mr. Bricolage store
Mr.Bricolage logo

Recent news[edit]

In March 2015, a protracted buy-out of Mr Bricolage by the home improvement retailer Kingfisher plc for an estimated fee of €275 million ran into difficulties when Mr Bricolage’s board and its biggest shareholder – ANPF - voiced reservations over the proposed deal.[1]

In February 2015, the firm announced its revenue for the fourth quarter totalled €123.5 million, putting its financial year revenue at €544 million.[7]


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