Mr. Driller Drill Spirits

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Mr. Driller Drill Spirits
European Mr. Driller Drill Spirits box art
Mr. Driller Drill Spirits box art
Developer(s) Namco
Publisher(s) Namco, Nintendo Australia
Platform(s) Nintendo DS, Nintendo DSi (DSiWare)
  • NA: November 30, 2004
  • JP: December 2, 2004
  • PAL: March 11, 2005
Genre(s) Puzzle game
Mode(s) Single player, Multiplayer

Mr. Driller Drill Spirits is a game developed by Namco for the Nintendo DS. The game is part of the "Mr. Driller" series of games. The game was released in Japan and North America to coincide with the Nintendo DS launch (2004). The North American version was released first and lacks certain features added to the later Japanese, European and Australian versions, notably the Dristone game mode, single-card multiplayer, the moon stage in Mission mode and the character of Rabbit (Usagi).

The game takes advantage of the dual screens of the Nintendo DS. The touch screen is used as an alternative control method and the two screens are used as a form of longscreen, or to show a boss on the top screen in the pressure driller mode. Characters: There are 6 characters in the North American version of the game, and 7 in the Japanese and European versions. Susumu Hori is the main character, son of Taizo Hori. The game has his older brother, Ataru; his friend Anna, the robot Hollinger-Z; Taizo, the head of the driller council, and Puchi, their dog.

The game features three single player game modes and a multiplayer race.

Single player modes[edit]

  • Mission Driller mode

The player attempts to drill through increasingly deeper and more difficult levels in order to unlock more characters.

  • Pressure Driller mode

The player must outrun a huge drill and collect power capsules which can be shot at the drill to destroy it.

  • Time attack mode

The player attempts to complete a short level quickly while gathering time bonuses.

  • Dristone Driller mode (Japanese, European, and Australian versions only)

The player attempts to dig through a level, drilling as little as possible. 1% of air is consumed for each block drilled. There are special powerups called "dristones" which can change block colours, destroy blocks, increase the player's air meter, provide a protective shield, etc.

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