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Mr. Freeman
Mr. Freeman
Genre web series, arthouse, philosophy
Directed by Vladimir Ponomarev
Voices of Vadim Demchog, Scott Greer
Composer(s) Alexey Prosvirnin
Country of origin Russia
Original language(s) Russian, English,
No. of seasons 2
No. of episodes 32 (list of episodes)
Producer(s) Pavel Muntyan
Running time ≈ 3 min
Production company(s) Toonbox
Original network 2×2[1]
Picture format HDTV 720p
Audio format Stereophonic
First shown in September 21, 2009
Original release March 6, 2010 (2010-15-06)
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Mr. Freeman is a Russian animated web series named after its main character. The series appeared on YouTube on September 21, 2009 and got considerable popularity in Runet.[2] The main content of the series is monologues which in a harsh manner criticize the lifestyle of modern everyman.[3] As of May, 2017 there are 22 episodes published, with a total of 37 uploads to the channel. The total number of views is more than 76 million.[4]

The earliest five episodes were dubbed by the Russian actor Vadim Demchog. On November 14, 2010 Demchog officially announced his immediate relation to the project.[5] After that, the production of new episodes temporarily ceased, but on January 11, 2011 a new video was released. Since the episode "Me?" Vadim Demchog dubs the series again.

It is also known that an animator Pavel Muntyan worked on the first series.[6]

A possible prototype of the series is believed to be the main character of "Franky-show", broadcast from 2003 to 2011 on the Silver Rain Radio, which is also dubbed by exactly Vadim Demchog,[7] and the script writer of some episodes is Pavel Muntyan.[8] Many episodes of the program have been transferred to the cartoon, for example, the text of the ending of the episode "Franky-show. Cicciolina"[9] is almost completely identical to the third episode of Mr. Freeman's "Part 03. Will Sell Myself Expensive".[10]

In June 2018 Mr. Freeman announced the foundation of Virtual State of Freeland.

General synopsis and subject[edit]

The animated series contains many symbols and hints. For example, Freeman may appear as a shape containing the stereotypical traits of some specific individuals or social groups (for example, while saying "I've placed everything under my will", Freeman is standing on a pedestal in a cap-cornered hat, holding his hand at the chest level). There are also hidden frames in the series, which contain elements of a larger image. In addition, there are details, insignificant at first glance, such as numbers 21.12.12 into which the ECG transforms in the first episode, which are the estimated date of completion of the current era according to the Maya calendar. These and many other details nourish many versions about the identity of Freeman and his goals.


Within the end of 2010 and early 2011 translations of two episodes of the animated series appeared on the Internet, in the English[11] and Ukrainian[12] And Kazakh languages. English and Kazakh dubs was made by starting Kazakh actor Bulat Dzhumashev. In 2015 four episodes were translated into English[13] (most of the episodes) and published on YouTube, voiced by American actor Scott Greer, adopted by Michael Mennies and Jeffrey Hylton.

List of episodes[edit]

Part # Date Original tagline (in Russian)[14] Translated tagline Subtitles available Dubbings available Link
00 September 21, 2009 А ты уверен в том, кто ты такой, и что ты существуешь? Are you sure who you are and that you exist? Russian, English, German, Greek, Hebrew Russian, English, Ukrainian Part 00 on YouTube
64 October 6, 2009 Где угодно и когда угодно... Anywhere and anytime... Russian, English, Greek, Hebrew Russian, English, Ukrainian Part 64 on YouTube
63 October 21, 2009 Ты слишком блондин! You are too blond! Russian, English, Greek, Hebrew Russian, English, Ukrainian Part 63 on YouTube
03 November 17, 2009 Продамся дорого Sell myself expensive English, Greek, Hebrew Russian, English, Ukrainian Part 03 on YouTube
04 December 20, 2009 «Плодитесь, коровы, жизнь коротка» © ГГМ “Go forth and multiply, cows, life is short” © GGM English, Greek, Hebrew Russian, English, Ukrainian Part 04 on YouTube
05 December 30, 2009 Новый год? New Year? English, Greek, Hebrew Russian, English, Ukrainian Part 05 on YouTube
06 February 15, 2010 Местоимение Я пишется с большой буквы! “I” is spelled with a capital Letter Russian, English, Greek, Hebrew Russian, English, Ukrainian Part 06 on YouTube
58 February 27, 2010 Что стало с твоей мечтой? What has happened to your dream? English, Greek, Hebrew Russian, English, Ukrainian Part 58 on YouTube
57 March 22, 2010 Что из себя представляют твои знания? What is your knowledge? English, Greek, Hebrew Russian, English, Ukrainian Part 57 on YouTube
49 March 30, 2010 Глубокое погружение. Итак, начнем... Deep immersion. Let's start... English, Greek, Hebrew Russian, English, Ukrainian Part 49 on YouTube
24 July 7, 2010 Что есть ваш бог? What is your god? English, Greek, Hebrew Russian, English, Ukrainian Part 24 on YouTube
32 September 20, 2010 Раз в тысячу лет Once in a thousand years English, Greek, Hebrew Russian, English, Ukrainian Part 32 on YouTube
40 January 11, 2011 Здравствуй, социальная шизофрения! Welcome to the social schizophrenia! English, Greek, Hebrew Russian, English, Ukrainian Part 40 on YouTube
48 January 31, 2011 Я? Me? English, Greek, Hebrew Russian, English, Ukrainian Part 48 on YouTube
09 June 28, 2011 И чо? So what? English, Greek, Hebrew Russian, English, Ukrainian Part 09 on YouTube
01 October 11, 2011 Открытое письмо Президенту An open letter to the President Greek Russian, English Part 01 on YouTube
02 November 10, 2011 А ты игрок? Are you a gambler? English, Greek, Hebrew Russian, English Part 02 on YouTube
62 March 6, 2012 Обратного пути уже нет! There is no return! Russian, English, Greek, Hebrew Russian Part 62 on YouTube
61 August 16, 2012 Мантра: Чёрный Бог и Белый Бог Mantra: Black God and White God English, Greek, Hebrew Russian Part 61 on YouTube
60 June 3, 2014 Покупательная способность Purchasing ability Russian, English, Greek Russian Part 60 on YouTube
59 May 18, 2017 Совесть Conscience Russian, English, French, Greek, Polish Russian Part 59 on YouTube
07 March 14, 2018 Ода Ode Russian, English, Greek Russian Part 07 on YouTube

Video questions[edit]

Part # Date Original tagline (in Russian) Translated tagline Link
15-001 August 2, 2011 Какая валюта самая главная? Which currency is the most important? 15-001 on YouTube
15-823 August 9, 2011 А кто ты на самом деле? Who you really are? 15-823 on YouTube
15-821 August 16, 2011 Кто из вас никогда не брал чужого? Which one of you has never stolen? 15-821 on YouTube
15-809 August 23, 2011 А ты замечаешь перемены? Do you notice the changes? 15-809 on YouTube
15-811 August 30, 2011 А ты мне веришь? Do you trust me? 15-811 on YouTube
15-797 September 6, 2011 Осознание своего рабства — первый шаг к свободе! Recognition of your own slavery is the first step towards freedom! 15-797 on YouTube
15-019 September 13, 2011 Проведём эксперимент? Let's run an experiment? 15-019 on YouTube
15-029 September 20, 2011 А вы рожать собираетесь? Are you going to give birth? 15-029 on YouTube
15-313 September 27, 2011 А чем балуешься ты? What do you indulge in? 15-313 on YouTube
15-031 October 4, 2011 А ты хочешь чтобы Я стал богатым? Do you want me to become rich? 15-031 on YouTube

Other appearances[edit]

Date Original tagline (in Russian) Translated tagline Link
June 23, 2010 Mr. Freeman — выступление на Трансперсональном Конгрессе 2010 Mr. Freeman on 17th International Transpersonal Conference 2010 Mr. Freeman on 17th International Transpersonal Conference on Vimeo
March 31, 2011 MF-walking on by MF-walking on by MF-walking on by on Vimeo
August 12, 2012 Монолог с презентации 12 августа 2012 Mr. Freeman monologue presentation 12 August 2012 (audio) Mr. Freeman monologue presentation 12 August 2012
December 21, 2012 00:00:00 00:00:00 00:00:00 on YouTube
April 22, 2018 MF Ode, Making Of MF Ode, Making Of MF Ode, Making Of on YouTube



  • All episodes except for Part 0 have two identical frames containing a hidden piece of some puzzle.[5]
  • On March 31, 2011 at 18:30 on the official site a video "Walking on by" appeared, in which Mr. Freeman rips the heart out of Mirax Plaza and takes it himself. At the same time the company Mirax turned off a 10-meter heart, which had been beating in that building for two years as an advertising campaign of Mirax "The heart of the city."


  • May 31, 2010 in Moscow took premiere of part 49 at 3, Bolotnaya naberezhnaya, with the support of «Cyberbrothers».[16]
  • On June 15, 2010 Mr. Freeman appeared on the television. Episodes are broadcast on channel 2x2 every Monday and Friday at midnight.
  • On June 23, 2010 at the 17th transpersonal congress[17] a welcoming performance was organized for members of the congress by Mr.Freeman.

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