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Mr. Gay World India
TypeBeauty Pageant
Mr Gay World
Mr. Gay International
Official language
Hindi, English
National director
Sushant Divgikar
Key people
Sanket Sveronic, Darshil Sh

Mr. Gay World India is a national beauty pageant that selects its winner to represent India at gay pageants globally notably to the annual Mr Gay World.[1] The National Director and Producer of the organization is the 2014 winner, Sushant Divgikar.[2] The Assistant Managers are Sanket Sveronic and Darshil of the organization.

The inception of the pageant happened in 2008 when Zoltan Parag was crowned the first Mr. Gay India. The event received media attention heavily when popular model and reality star Sushant Divgikar won the pageant in 2014.[2] Subsequently, the pageant which at first was irregular is now held annually in Mumbai.[3]

The current titleholder is Darshan Mandhana who won Mr Gay India in 2017 and represented India at Mr Gay World 2017.[3]

Mission statement[edit]

The primary purpose of Mr. India Gay is to identify leaders who will take responsibility of being a spokesperson not only in his own community but on a global stage speaking out for equal and human rights. Mr. India Gay is a positive role model and will work on humanizing being gay and/or LGBTI in the media both LGBTI and mainstream.[1]


Zoltan Parag was the first ever winner of Mr. Gay India he represented India at International Mr Gay Competition in 2008.

Mr. Gay India got tremendous national and international recognition only after Nolan Lewis from Mumbai made it to the top 10 at the Mr. Gay World pageant in 2013.[4] He paved way for the next winner, Sushant Divgikar, who went on to represent India in 2014 in Rome.[2]

Sushant Divgikar broke all existing records by a splendid performance at the Mr. Gay World pageant in Rome that year and won 3 individual sub awards as well as the team sports sub award alongside delegates from Iceland, Indonesia and Hong Kong.[2] He won 3 individual sub awards viz. Mr.Gay World Congeniality, Mr.Gay World People's Choice and Mr.Gay World Art challenge.[2] Sushant made it to the top 10 but did not succeed in bringing his home country the crown.[5]

In 2015, Sushant was announced the National Producer and Director for India and was in charge of the Indian leg of the pageant, making him the youngest National producer in the pageant's history while also being the reigning Mr.Gay INDIA at the time.[2] Sushant continued his reign for a record, two years and represented not only the gay community but also the entire LGBT community in India's biggest celebrity reality show, Bigg Boss in its eighth season.[6]

In January 2016, Sushant passed on his crown to Anwesh Sahoo from Odisha, making Anwesh the first contestant from Odisha to win the crown.[7] Anwesh Sahoo represented India in Malta, Europe for Mr.Gay World 2016 and made it to the top 12. In 2017 Darshan Mandhana won the Mr Gay India 2017 crown and represented India at Mr Gay World 2017 where he made to top 10.[3]


Winner Runner Up Finalist/Semifinalist Unplaced

Representatives to Mr. Gay World[edit]

Year Representative City Ranking Special Awards
2018 Samarpan Maiti[8] Kolkata 2nd Runner up
2017 Darshan Mandhana Mumbai, Maharashtra[3]
Top 10 [9]
2016 Anwesh Sahoo[7] Bhubaneswar, Odisha[7]
Top 12 [10]
2014 Sushant Divgikar[1] Mumbai[1]
Top 10 [5]
Mister Congeniality 2014
Mister Art 2014
People's Choice Award 2014
Team Sports Winner 2014
2013 Nolan Lewis[4] Mumbai
Top 10
2011 Raul Patil Mumbai
2009 Bhavin Shivji Gala Mumbai
Did not compete

Representatives to International Mr Gay Competition[edit]

Year Representative City Ranking Special Awards
2008 Zoltan Parag Mumbai


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