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The Mr. Hong Kong Contest (Chinese: 香港先生選舉), or Mr.HK (港生) for short, is a beauty contest for young men, organized by leading Hong Kong television station TVB. The contest since 2005, suspended during 2012 to 2015,[1] and 2017. Winners will have the opportunity to represent Hong Kong for the Mister World contest.

Like the Miss Hong Kong Pageant, top Mr. Hong Kong contestants are awarded to a contract with TVB, and many of them become promoted television actors. A contestant and runner-up in 2005, Byron Pang, even went on to become a film star. In his first film role, in the 2009 Hong Kong movie Amphetamine, his pubic hair, penis and testicles were fully exposed on camera, in several scenes.

The contest also has other consolation prizes that vary slightly from year to year. Unlike their female counterpart, Mr. Hong Kong does not have specific first and second runner-up positions. Contestants are divided into two groups, the Stylish Youth Division (瀟灑少年) and the Maturity Division (健力盛年), and a winner is chosen from both groups. The final winner (the Mr. Hong Kong) will then be determined by the top contestants of both groups. But from 2016, first and second runner-up positions added as first time,[2] also the minimum participant age limit has lowered to 16.[1]

Judges for the contest are all women, and winners of the contest are also determined by a public vote of 600 to 800 female viewers. The first ever winner of the contest was Matthew Ko.

The modern Mr. Hong Kong Contest is completely unrelated to the original Mr. Hong Kong bodybuilding contest from the 1970s.

Summary of winners[edit]

Year Mr. Hong Kong
Stylish winner
Maturity winner
2005 Matthew Ko 高鈞賢 Matthew Ko 高鈞賢 Rocky Cheng 鄭健樂
2006 Francois Huynh 黃長發 Francois Huynh 黃長發 Otto Chan 陳志健
Year Mr. Hong Kong
Youth winner
Maturity winner
2007 Benjamin Yuen 袁偉豪 Michael Chiu 趙國東 Zhiwei Hu 胡志偉
2008 Michael Wilson Tsu 朱允崇 Joey Law 羅天宇 Michael Wilson Tsu 朱允崇
2009 Jack Hui 許家傑 Calvin Chan 陳偉洪 Jack Hui 許家傑
2010 William Chak 翟威廉
2011 Clayton Li 李晉強
Year Winner
First runner-up
Second runner-up
2016 Jackson Lai 黎振燁 Karl Ting 丁子朗 Freeyon Chung 鍾君揚

Notable winners and contestants[edit]


Year Host
2005 Carol Cheng, Niki Chow& Anna Yau
2006 Carol Cheng, Kathy Chow & Anna Yau
2007 Carol Cheng, Maggie Cheung & Anna Yau
2008 Carol Cheng, Miriam Yeung & Anna Yau
2009 Carol Cheng, Miriam Yeung & Janis Chan
2010 Carol Cheng, Christine Ng, Koni Lui, Ella Koon &Mandy Lieu
2011 Carol Cheng, Sharon Chan, Koni Lui, Jacquelin Chong & Hanjin Tan
2016 Carol Cheng, Luk Wing Kuen & C Kwan


Hong Kong Broadcasting Authority has received a number of complaints from the public regarding the Mr. Hong Kong Contest, in which the programme was said to be of bad taste and that the male contestants were treated as sex objects by the women in the show. These complaints were later dismissed. [1]

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