Mr. Hood

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Mr. Hood
Studio album by
ReleasedMay 14, 1991
GenreHip hop
LabelElektra Records
Stimulated Dummies
KMD chronology
Mr. Hood
Black Bastards Ruffs + Rares
Professional ratings
Review scores
Allmusic2/5 stars link
The Village Voice(choice cut)[1]

Mr. Hood is the debut album by KMD, Daniel Dumile's first group. The album was released on May 14, 1991, by Elektra. It was a precursor to Black Bastards (1993). The album featured samples from a language-learning record, cut together to create the character of Mr. Hood. It was rereleased by Traffic Entertainment Group in 2004 after being unavailable for several years. The album is now considered a classic,[2] and was listed at number 98 in Pitchfork Media's Top 100 Albums of the 1990s.[3]

Track listing[edit]

# Title Producer(s) Performer(s) Time
1 "Mr. Hood at Piocalles Jewelry"/"Crackpot" KMD Zev Love X 2:49
2 "Who Me?" KMD Zev Love X 3:32
3 "Boogie Man" Stimulated Dummies Onyx The Birthstone Kid 3:49
4 "Mr. Hood Meets Onyx" KMD *Interlude* 2:15
5 "Subroc's Mission" KMD Subroc 4:00
6 "Humrush" Stimulated Dummies Zev Love X, Onyx The Birthstone Kid, Subroc 3:26
7 "Figure of Speech" KMD Zev Love X 3:44
8 "Bananapeel Blues" KMD Zev Love X 3:54
9 "Nitty Gritty" KMD Zev Love X, Grand Puba, Onyx The Birthstone Kid, Lord Jamar, Subroc, Sadat X 5:35
10 "Trial N Error" KMD Zev Love X 4:09
11 "Hard Wit No Hoe" Subroc Zev Love X 3:53
12 "Mr. Hood Gets a Haircut" KMD *Interlude* 1:18
13 "808 Man" KMD Zev Love X 3:53
14 "Boy Who Cried Wolf" KMD Zev Love X 3:36
15 "Peachfuzz" KMD Zev Love X, Onyx The Birthstone Kid 4:00
16 "Preacher Porkchop" KMD *Interlude* 2:42
17 "Soulflexin'" KMD Zev Love X, Onyx The Birthstone Kid, Subroc 3:52
18 "Gasface Refill" KMD Zev Love X, Onyx The Birthstone Kid, Subroc 3:45

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