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Mr. International a male pageant, organized by Graviera, a men's clothing company in India began in 1998 and was held annually in India until 2003, when it was staged in London. It has not been held since then and has been de-facto replaced by Mister International and the more popular Mister World.

Entries have been cross-referenced with their participation in Manhunt, Mr. Intercontinental and Mister World pageants.


Map of Mr. International -winning countries.
Year Mr. International Country Location
1998 Mario Carballo  Costa Rica Jaipur, India
1999 Nadir Nery Djiukich  Venezuela New Delhi, India
2000 Aryan Vaid  India Jodhpur, India
2001 Alexander Aquino  Philippines Udaipur, India
2002 Raghu Mukherjee  India Bengaluru, India
2003 William Kelly  Sharjah, UAE London, England

Leagues Table[edit]

Performance By Country[edit]

Country Titles Winning years
 India 2 2000, 2002
 United Arab Emirates 1 2003
 Philippines 1 2001
 Venezuela 1 1999
 Costa Rica 1 1998
  • Note: Winner of 2003 Edition, William Kelly, represents Sharjah one of the emirates of UAE. The crown will count for United Arab Emirates only and not for Sharjah for it is not a country[citation needed]. The table shows that the crown won by William Kelly of Sharjah will count for UAE.[original research?]

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