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Mr. J. Medeiros
Mr J Medeiros pic.jpg
Background information
Birth name Jason Christopher Medeiros
Also known as Mr. J. Medeiros, Mr. J.
Origin Colorado Springs, Colorado, U.S.; Los Angeles, California, U.S.
Genres Hip hop
Occupation(s) Rapper, producer, Singer
Years active 1998–present
Labels Rawkus, De Medeiros, Basementalism, Mic Life
Associated acts The Procussions, AllttA, KNIVES, Stro Elliot, The Stare, Hocus Pocus, 20Syl, Shad, Talib Kweli

Jason C. Medeiros better known as Mr. J. Medeiros,[1] is an American rapper, record producer, and songwriter[2] As well as performing under the name, Mr. J. Medeiros, and releasing his own music, he is responsible for forming the Hip Hop group[3] The Procussions, is the lead singer of Punk/Rap-Thrash/Rock group KNIVES, and is one half of Hip Hop/Electronic group, AllttA. He is of Portuguese and Scottish descent. He has released 4 albums and 1 EP with his former group The Procussions; “As Iron Sharpens Iron” and “Up All Night” both independently released, “5 Sparrows for 2 Cents” which was Rawkus Records first release from their reemergence in 2006, their self-titled record in 2013 which was fan funded through Indiegogo and released by French record label Yotanka, and their Pro-Exclusive EP in 2014 which was independently released. The Procussions shared the stage with many Hip Hop acts including The Roots, De La Soul, Lupe Fiasco, Mos Def, and were one of two acts on the Tribe Called Quest first reunion tour.[4][5]

Mr.J. has written and produced music with such artists as, Talib Kweli[6] Ahmad Jones, Shad, Marty James,[7] 20Syl and French hip hop group Hocus Pocus.

Mr. J. Medeiros started his solo career in 2007 and put out his first album “Of gods and girls” on Rawkus Records that year. He then released “Friends Enemies Apples Apples” in 2009 followed by an EP titled "The Art of Broken Glass", both on his own label De Medeiros LLC. Mr. J. Medeiros released his third full length album "Saudade" in 2011, a project funded by his fans through the crowd sourcing site Indiegogo. The music video for the single "Neon SIgns" won the MTVU Freshman video contest which in turn put the video into rotation. "Saudade" introduced "The Stare" a production team including Mr. J. Medeiros, Stro the 89th Key, and Luke Atencio. In 2012 Mr. J. Medeiros released the "Pale Blue Dot" EP which featured Canadian rapper SHAD, in 2013 he released "The Rockies" EP, and in 2016 he released another crowd funded record, "Milk and Eggs". "Milk and Eggs", is a sample-free, live instrumentation Hip Hop record which features members from the band KNIVES on several songs.

Mr.J.Medeiros social activism includes his service with AmeriCorps NCCC[8] his volunteer work with Habitat for Humanity, and assisting in various community outreach organizations for persons with developmental disabilities. He also ran a campaign against sexual abuse and human trafficking called and to raise awareness about such issues. The was prompted by his anti-human trafficking song/video “Constance” released on Mr.J’s album “Of gods and girls” which became popular in the non-profit community landing itself a spot in an expose on CBS Evening News.[9] The video “Constance”[10] is still being used today in aid to groups and organizations concerned with this social issue.[11] Mr.J.Medeiros appeared[12] on Miami Ink in support of "Constance" and his song "American Fado" On the show (Miami Ink) Mr.J.Medeiros is seen getting a tattoo on his back which reads “Forgive Us”.


Music artists[edit]

  • 2004 Sound Providers, An Evening with The Sound Providers
  • 2005 Deux Process, In Deux Time
  • 2005 Sharlock Poems, The Movement
  • 2005 Pigeon John, Pigeon John Sings the Blues
  • 2005 Othello, Classic
  • 2005 Illmind and Symbolic One, The Art of One Mind
  • 2005 Ohmega Watts, The Find
  • 2005 One Block Radius, Loud and Clear
  • 2006 The Official Boondocks Mixtape, Hip Hop Docktrine
  • 2006 Hocus Pocus, 73 Touches
  • 2007 Othello, Alive at The Assembly Line
  • 2007 Hocus Pocus, Place 54
  • 2008 DaJla and Benji, The Motherland
  • 2009 Soulution, Shine Through
  • 2010 Hocus Pocus, 16 pièces
  • 2012 RationaL, The BirthWrite LP
  • 2012 Relic, Miles to Go
  • 2014 Beleaf, Depressed "Red Pills + Black Sugar"
  • 2015 Pumpkin & Vin'S da Cuero "Bye Bye Madeleine"
  • 2015 Hippocampe Fou "Dreams"
  • 2016 RationaL, Hell or High Water

Video games[edit]

Music in film[edit]

Music In Television[edit]

  • 2005–present “MTV
  • 2006 TLC “Miami Ink
  • 2006 Crash
  • 2007 VH1
  • 2009 Blue Mountain State


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