Mr. Justice Raffles (film)

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Mr. Justice Raffles
Directed by Gaston Quiribet
Written by E.W. Hornung (novel)
Blanche McIntosh
Starring Gerald Ames
Eileen Dennes
James Carew
Hugh Clifton
Distributed by Hepworth Pictures
Release date
20 September 1921
Country United Kingdom
Language English

Mr. Justice Raffles is a 1921 British crime film directed by Gaston Quiribet and starring Gerald Ames, Eileen Dennes and James Carew.

It was based on the 1909 novel Mr. Justice Raffles by E.W. Hornung featuring his gentleman thief AJ Raffles. The plot changed a number of details from the novel and inserted a romantic interest into the plot which sees Raffles fall in love with Camilla Belsize, while trying to conceal his secret life as a leading cracksman from her.[1]



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