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The Mr. Kansas Basketball honor recognizes the top boys’ high school basketball player in the state of Kansas. The award is presented annually by the Kansas Basketball Coaches Association.[1] The following chart also shows the college (if any) that the honoree attended.[2]

Award winners[edit]

Year Player High School College NBA/ABA draft
1983 Tom Meier Hayden Washburn
1984 Danny Manning Lawrence Kansas 1988 NBA Draft: 1st Rnd, 1st overall by the Los Angeles Clippers
1985 Danny Kingcannon Topeka Highland Park
1986 Steve Henson McPherson Kansas State 1990 NBA Draft: 2nd Rnd, 44th overall by the Milwaukee Bucks
1987 J. T. Marshall Manhattan Texas State
1988 Gaylon Nickerson Wichita North Multiple 1994 NBA Draft: 2nd Rnd, 34th overall by the Atlanta Hawks
1989 Val Barnes Wichita South Iowa
1990 Tony Arrington Topeka Washburn
1991 Brian Henson McPherson Kansas State
1992 Ryan Herrs McPherson Wichita State
1993 B. J. Williams Wichita South Kansas
1994 C. B. McGrath Topeka West Kansas
1995 Kris Weems Schlagle Stanford
1996 Josh Reid Brewster Kansas State
1997 Brett McFall Olathe South Wyoming
1998 John Crider Horton Washburn
1999 Quentin Buchanan Junction City Kansas State
2000 Matt Freije Shawnee Mission West Vanderbilt 2004 NBA Draft: 2nd Rnd, 54th overall by the Miami Heat
2001 Wayne Simien Leavenworth Kansas 2005 NBA Draft: 1st Rnd, 29th overall by the Miami Heat
2002 Taj Gray Wichita East Oklahoma
2003 Aubrey Bruner McPherson Barton County Community College /
transferred to Central Arkansas
2004 Jordan Fithian McPherson Binghamton
2005 Jay Tunnell Topeka West Indiana State
2006 Ryan Wedel Minneapolis Drake
2007 Tyrel Reed Burlington Kansas
2008 Jordan Cyphers Wichita Southeast Tennessee State
2009 Jeff Reid Hayden Washburn
2010 Nino Williams Leavenworth Kansas State
2011 Christian Ulsaker McPherson Washburn
2012 Perry Ellis Wichita Heights Kansas
2015 Dean Wade St. John Kansas State
2016 Drew Pyle McPherson Washburn

Schools with multiple winners[edit]

School Number of Awards Years
McPherson 7 1986, 1991, 1992, 2003, 2004, 2011, 2016
Hayden 2 1983, 2009
Leavenworth High School 2 2001, 2010
Topeka West 2 1994, 2005
Wichita South 2 1989, 1993

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