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Mr. Know-It-All was a popular supporting segment of The Rocky and Bullwinkle Show. There were fifty segments produced. The segments featured Bullwinkle J. Moose, in his typical know-it-all fashion, pompously giving advice and instruction on any and every given topic, such as how to catch a bee or how to sneak into the movie theater without a ticket. Of course, true to Bullwinkle's nature, something would always go humorously and disastrously wrong by the end. Boris Badenov plays a variety of roles as Bullwinkle's antagonist in most of the segments.[1]


  1. How to Train Your Doggy—For Fun and Profit
  2. How to Tame Lions—and Get a Little Scratch—on the Side—of Your Head
  3. How to Cook a Turkey's Goose
  4. Swimming Can be Fun—and Wet
  5. How to Sell Vacuum Cleaners—and Clean Up
  6. How to Cure the Hiccups
  7. How to Open a Jar of Pickles
  8. How to Get into the Movies Without Buying a Ticket
  9. How to Catch a Bee and Make Your Honey Happy
  10. How to Be a Cow Puncher—Without Getting Hit Back
  11. How to Escape from Devil's Island—and Get Away From It All
  12. How to Shoot Par
  13. Magic Made Easy (the Hard Way)
  14. How to Turn a Beastly Failure into a Monstrous Success
  15. How to Remove a Moustache—Without Getting Any Lip
  16. Falling Asleep on the Job Can Lead to a Rude Awakening
  17. How to Remove an Unwanted Guest from Your House—and Make More Living Room
  18. How to Be a Star Reporter
  19. How to Do Stunts in the Movies—Without Having the Usher Throw You Out
  20. How to Run the Four Minute Mile—in Ten Seconds
  21. Wouldn't a Trophy Look Good over Your Fireplace—or How to Get a Head
  22. How to Be a Barber—or Ten Ways to Clip Your Fellow Man
  23. How to Water-Ski—or Five Steps to Easy Drowning
  24. How to Own a Hi-Fi—on a Low Income and I.Q.
  25. How to Be an Indian in One Easy Lesson—or You Can Be a Tonto, Pronto
  26. How to Be a Human Fly
  27. The Most Economical Form of Transportation—Hitchhiking
  28. How to Be a Hobo—or Ten Easy Steps to a Bum Career
  29. How to Disarm a Live 5000 Megaton TNT Bomb in Your Own Workshop in Your Spare Time to Amuse Your Friends
  30. How to Be a Beatnik
  31. How to Conquer your Acrophobia
  32. How to Fix a Flat, and Retire—Your Car
  33. How to Avoid Tipping the Waiter
  34. Buying A Used Car
  35. How to Be a Archeologist
  36. How to Take Your Covered Wagon Through The West—While Being Attacked by Over 2000 Savages
  37. How to Sell the Encyclopedia, Door-to-Door
  38. How to Wash Windows—and Be a Smash Success
  39. How to Win Friends—and Be Influential With People
  40. How to Be a Successful Baseball Umpire
  41. How to Interview a Scientist That Is Working on a Top Secret Project
  42. How to Become a Successful Member of the U.S. Peace Corps
  43. How to Get Your Money Back, If Not Completely Satisfied
  44. How to Direct Temperamental Movie Stars
  45. How to Have a Hit Record
  46. Making Your Neighbor Quiet Without Making Him Angry
  47. How to Play Winning Tennis
  48. Selling These Here Soap Flakes
  49. How to Be a Top Flight Stock Salesman
  50. How to Teach a Mean Bully a Lesson at the Beach


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