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Mr. Man
Type of site
Adult website
Available inEnglish Edit this at Wikidata
RegistrationOptional (previews only)
LaunchedOctober 2013

Mr. Man is a website that specializes in locating, rating, and posting instances of male nudity in film and television. The site is a spin-off from the popular site Mr. Skin and went live in October 2013.[1]


Launched 14 years after its parent site, Mr. Man was designed as a "Mr. Skin for Women," although in the first month following its launch, nearly 80% of their paid memberships were from gay males rather than women.[2] Nevertheless, the site has grown in popularity with women since then, and as of May, 2014, the ratio was closer to 60% gay men and 40% women.[3] The site is primarily an entertainment website, compared with a pornographic one because it contains content from mainstream movies and television, and also combines the male nudity with "Mr. Skin’s signature brand of bawdy, boisterous comedy".[4]

Site founder Jim McBride promoted the site heavily during his appearance on February 2014 appearance SiriusXM's The Howard Stern Show.[5] He has also promoted it on his numerous other radio appearances on such shows as Lex and Terry, The Bob & Tom Show, "Heidi and Frank", "Jarrett, Harry, and Spike: The Game 87.7 FM Chicago", "Drew Lane: Detroit Sports 105.1", "Paul and Young Ron", "The Mike Calta Show", and "Roger and JP: WBAB Long Island".


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