Mr. Monk on the Road

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Mr. Monk on the Road
Mr. Monk on the Road
1st edition 2011 hard cover
Author Lee Goldberg
Country United States
Language English
Series Monk mystery novel series
Genre Mystery novel
Published January 4, 2011 Signet Books
Media type Print (hardcover)
Preceded by Mr. Monk is Cleaned Out
Followed by Mr. Monk on the Couch

Mr. Monk on the Road is the eleventh novel written by Lee Goldberg to be based on the television series Monk.[1] It was published on January 4, 2011. Like the other Monk novels, the story is narrated by Natalie Teeger, Monk's assistant.

Plot summary[edit]

After solving a suicide turned homicide case, and feeling balanced after solving the murder of his wife Trudy, Adrian Monk wants his agoraphobic brother, Ambrose to experience life as well. With the help of Natalie, Julie, and Molly, Ambrose's birthday cake is drugged with sleeping pills and Ambrose is dragged into a motor home. When Ambrose wakes up, he finds himself on the open road with Adrian determined to show him the outside world. They meet several eclectic people, including a reporter named Dub Clemens who is determined to find a killer before he dies of lung cancer,[2] and his tattooed assistant Yuki. Unfortunately for Natalie and Ambrose, their road trip is postponed several times when Adrian Monk is tasked with helping to solve various murders.

Mr. Monk and the Seventeen Steps[edit]

Mr. Monk and the Seventeen Steps is an excerpt from Mr. Monk on the Road that was published in the December 2010 issue of Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine before the release of the book.[3] In the story, Monk is called upon to investigate an apparent suicide, and is disturbed by the fact that the walkway to the deceased's home has an odd number of steps.

List of characters[edit]

Characters from the television series[edit]

Original characters[edit]

  • Dub Clemens: An aging reporter who is dying of lung cancer, and is searching for the identity of a killer he has been tracking for years.
  • Yuki Nakamura: Dub's assistant, who travels with him in his RV.


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