Mr. Muscles

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Not to be confused with DC Comics character Sturgis Butterfield (Mister Muscle) of Hero Hotline.
Mr. Muscles
Mr. Muscles #22 (March 1956). Cover art by Dick Giordano.
Publication information
Publisher Charlton Comics
First appearance Mr. Muscles #22 (March 1956)
Created by Jerry Siegel
In-story information
Alter ego Brett Carson
Team affiliations Brandon Tyler
Abilities Super strength

Mr. Muscles is a fictional comic book superhero created in 1956 by writer Jerry Siegel for Charlton Comics, and drawn by Bill Fraccio for the first of two issues of his namesake comic, and by the team of penciler Charles Nicholas and inker Vince Alascia for the second. A young Dick Giordano provided the premiere issue's cover.

Fictional character biography[edit]

Wrestler Brett Carson obtained super strength, in the process of fighting the paralysis of Polio (and refusing to accept the doctors' prognosis of permanenr oaralysis) and used it to fight crime. He was assisted by sidekicks Kid Muscles and Miss Muscles, who appeared in backup stories. With a superhero costume consisting of red-and-black wrestling tights with a yellow "M" insignia, the blond-haired hero is one of few who did not wear a mask and whose identity is publicly known. An additional character, Steeplejack, starred in a backup feature in the second issue.

The comic book, Mr. Muscles ran two issues numbered #22–23 (March & Aug. 1956), the series having taken over the numbering of the comic Blue Beetle. The sole other known appearance of a character by this name was alongside other guests in writer-artist Steve Ditko's Creeper backup story, "Beware Mr. Wrinkles", in DC Comics' World's Finest Comics #254 (Jan. 1979).