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Mr.Pizza, Inc.
Founded(1990; 32 years ago (1990))
FounderJung Woo Hyun
Headquarters132 Hyoryeong-ro, Seocho-gu, Seoul, South Korea 137-849
Number of locations
400 (Korea)
28 (worldwide in 2013)
Key people
Jung Woo Hyun (chairman)
Moon Young Joo (CEO)
ProductsPizza, pasta, salad, appetizer
Number of employees

Mr. Pizza Inc. (Korean: 미스터피자) is a South Korean pizza chain established in 1990. It is the top pizza brand in Korea in terms of the number of franchisees and sales.[1]

Mr. Pizza has won recognition overseas. In 2009, 2010 and 2011 China's restaurant review site Dazhong Dianping (大衆點評) included it as one of the "50 Restaurants Beloved by Chinese Diners", while the restaurant guide Zagat named it the "Best Pizza Store".[2]

Mr. Pizza was the first pizza franchise to be listed on KOSDAQ[3] and, in 2013, had 400 outlets inside Korea and 28 stores in China, two in the United States and two in Vietnam. In 2010, the brand of Mr. Pizza in Japan was also fully acquired.[4]


The Shanghai Ruzhonlu store, 2013
A shrimp pizza at Mr. Pizza

The founder and chairman of Mr. Pizza is Jung Woo Hyun (정우현)[5] and the CEO and president is Moon Young Joo (문영주).[6]

MPK Group was listed on KOSDAQ in August 2009[7] from Korea Pizza Corporation.

New store identity[edit]

Mr. Pizza developed a new store identity to strengthen its foothold in the global market and unveiled it at the opening of a Fuzhoulu location in Shanghai in March 2013.


Mr. Pizza's September 2011 mockumentary-style commercial, "The True Origins of Pizza",[8] had more than a million views on YouTube. It received high praise and in-depth analysis in a journal article by two New Zealand-based Asian studies professors[ambiguous]. They stated that "the level of skill and irony that went into its making is noteworthy among commercial ads anywhere".[citation needed]

MPK Group Inc.[edit]

MPK Group Inc.[9] is a restaurant company with a selection of premium brands including "Mr. Pizza",[citation needed] a handmade muffin and coffee franchise, "Manoffin", and "Jessica's Kitchen" Italian buffet restaurants.


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