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Mr. Poodlepants is a fictional character who first appeared on Muppets Tonight. Performed by Steve Whitmire, he is a jolly fellow, with an eccentric fashion style and an off-the wall sensibility.

His most prominent appearance was in the Eagle's Nest sketch in Episode 103: Billy Crystal, in which an exasperated Sam the Eagle served as his comic foil.

Poodlepants also appeared in the "Cirque du So Lamé" sequence in It's a Very Merry Muppet Christmas Movie.

In Muppets from Space, Mr. Poodlepants could be seen in the role of Captain Alphabet on the box of "Captain Alphabet Cereal". Apparently, there was going to be a scene with Mr. Poodlepants as Captain Alphabet which was not in the final version of the film, as Steve Whitmire once stated in a pre-Muppets from Space interview that he was going to perform this role in the movie.[1]